• i'd simply say what my grandmother says: "you are the company you keep." probie to probie... probably. probie to felon... there might be a problem there.
  • The court has to specify who you're not allowed to interact with in any way while on your probation. That has nothing to do with anyone else on probation, you can hang out with them unless the court decides and states otherwise. A convicted felon is usually in prison, right? If you're on probation you're not in prison, so how would you even get close to them? If it's a couple, then there's nothing direct, and I find that a bit rare. Again, courts are pretty good for making off the side specifications and rules that don't always apply to general sentencing. They'll let you know what's what, and are pretty good at clarifying it. I saw that often in the group homes, even if it was juvenile business.

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