• I would read, which I should be doing more of anyway. :)
  • Well, I'm going to have to try to find out! Because they're shutting off my power for the whole day next week. :(
  • T.V. or Working-out.
  • Reading, puzzles, painting, t.v, crocheting.
  • I would probably read and go outside. I might actually get my homework done for once as well.
  • I'd sit, staring into space.
  • Exercising more, or reading, or actually working on my master's thesis. Studying French, learning how to play the guitar. OMG there are so many things to do! I gotta go now :)
  • I'd get tons done. Before internet I remember playing solitaire a lot.
  • Probably swimming or boxing.
  • What you're talking about is called the '70s. I had a good time. I would read more or actually work on things that need to get done.
  • Hmmmm, I'm not sure. That's a tough one. My internet went out once for like a week and pretty much just substituted TV for Internet.
  • HI, I would spend the time learning another insturment like the bagpips, or find another of interist. befor the computer, i lerned to play the guitar, and made a living in bars ,if you can call that living ,then i lerned to play the violin then banjo then mandolin then i worked at learning the dobro and realized I liked the simple music as well as the rock that I grew up on ,wow what a differance time spent on something can do as a kid i dident like any other kind of music except reg rock ,as ive got older i can see how relitive all music is and now ,I have something I can do for time spent and it is satisfing.
  • Same way as I did BEFORE there was AB, Internet and Computer Games - doing something far more worthwhile.....
  • I only use AB when it's slow at work so I'd probably clean my desk. I currently don't have a computer at home and I'm always so busy all the time that I don't think I'll get one soon.
  • Eating beans then lighting my botty burps whilst drinking lager with my pet hamster.
  • reading the newspaper and doing crosswords
  • The gym most likely :)
  • The gym ! :)
  • Well...looking back into the depths of the history of my own life.....raised when only the privileged few with money had a TV.....nobody had a computer...few had a car...this is what we did. We read....we talked.....we played outside (if little) or met at the ice cream parlour (if teens)....we were involved in team sports (street or field style..not in fancy-dancy rinks, etc)...we had part-time jobs...we listened to talk radio (to variety shows, to comics, to music, to debates, to stories, to serial shows, to news, to boxing matches and ballgames and soccer)...we read some more...we played board games, cards and cards....we did chores...we helped with the cooking/baking/washing/ironing because it was expected and we didn't avoid it or feel resentful....we went to the movies, the swimming pool, the library, church, to visit our elderly relatives.....and on and on WE never ever considered our time WASTED, and we were NEVER bored.

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