• Oh just jump. Why would we care?
  • I assume you want people to think it was an accident because there are people that love you. If that's the case, you will still be causing them unimaginable grief. I hope you can find a way to stick around for their sake.
  • There is no way, they will always know it's suicide. I sugest you seek profesional help rather than consider suicide, you need to talk to someone.
  • I'd put it in the suicide note in big red letters "Was an ACCIDENT! REALLY!!!"
  • If this is serious, this question worries me. A lot. Justwonder gave a brilliant answer. Please don't. Think of all the things you've got left to live for.
  • You don't have to kill yourself. Nothing in life is worth the pain and suffering that your loved ones will endure because of your death. I've been where you are. You can get help. Feel free to email me if you'd like. My email is in my profile.
  • Rather than end it all, it would be much easier to make a change to improve your life. Many programs that offer options. Join the military or peace corp. Take a class about something that will bring meaning to your life. Learn to embrace life not end it.
  • Think this through....then think it through again. There's always others worse off. Don't do it.
  • DO NOT KILL YOURSELF! That's not the way to deal with your problems. Trust me. Jack
  • What would that accomplish? Whatever problems you have would just be forced on a family member along with (casket, gravesite,funeral and the question that will ask for the rest of their life, "Why".
  • Get the Samaritians, your cleryman, your friends...just the simple fact that you posted this question means you want help...if you kill yourself you leave behind many people who will be hurt for the rest of their lives...
  • Good luck. Forensics have come along way and there are subtle differences between staged "accidents" and suicide that will likely reveal the truth. Of course, there are many cases where one has been mistaken for the other and some are still up for debate. Having said that, why risk it? If you want to spare your friends and family, live. I strongly urge you to contact one of these hotlines or a professional for help ASAP. 1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK 1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255
  • If you hate yourself, change yourself. And obviously you havent thought this through at all. You say you dont want to hurt someones feelings? You are going to to that with your death, suicide or not. You are being a coward, and selfish. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOU!!!!!
  • Please rethink this decision....Do whatever it takes... pretend your positiveness until it becomes real. In response to a comment you made.... No, we may not know you, and we will never know how your situation turned out, but each and every person that answered, cares enough about you staying alive to give you an answer to your question. Some of us have been where you are right now and came out the other side. Then there are some that aren't here anymore to be able to help. Listen, all will turn out ok in the end, ...If it's not ok, then it isn't then end. Keep holding on and focus on the love that others have for you. Little by little you will find some that you will be able to give to yourself. :)

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