• I usually always do! I'm a smart-ass myself, and I learned from the best, my dad! And, FYI...his name was Rick and he was from Massachusetts, how 'bout them apples?
  • The problem with sarcasm from someone you don't know is that you have nothing to guage their "sarcastic" comment by, so you don't know whether or not they're being sarcastic. My husband and I use sarcastic humor a lot, but that's because we understand each other. So, in answer to your question, I don't take sarcasm from someon I barely know very well. +5
  • After it sinks in what they have said , I get angry and then I stop and consider the source -- So yes and I then begin to see they are the one with the problem , and I let it go -- Hi Rickster -- + 5
  • I'm sarcastic with just about everyone. My boss being the exception till I got to know her a little better. Because of this I tend to handle sarcasm very well, if you can't take it than you can't dish it out XD.
  • I'm sarcastic myself, but I try not to be around people I just met. It can easily be taken the wrong way. I tend to ease my smartass-ness on them, until they basically know that half the shit I say is just for a laugh.
  • I'm usually pretty good but, I've got a mouth on me too. I will just snap right back. I have a co-worker who was overly sarcastic all the time.. He used to make me mad over and over but, I just learned to have good comebacks for everything he says. The burn on his face is much more satisfying :)
  • I dish it well, look at my answer history here. All in good fun.
  • I know sarcasm when I hear it but sometimes it's so inappropriate to the situation and I wonder where the tact and kindness went. I think it's too easy for sarcasm to be cruel and hurt people. I've known more people who were offended or hurt by it so I just don't find it amusing or worth it anymore.
  • If it's sarcasm at the expense of someone's feelings, then no, I don't handle it well. Sarcasm about politics or events or stuff is just fine with me, but it's generally not my cup of tea.
  • Yes I do. I punch 'em in the face! Just kidding! Try this if he/she does it again. When he or she finish with the sarcasm, with straight face, without moving as much as a muscle in your face, look at him/her for a few seconds straight in his/her eyes, and say nothing; then quitely walk away PEACE!!
  • This is funny as I just had a year ago sarcasm done to me, I didn't care much for the person anyway,it was on msn that this person gave me the third degree over a family member, which was not any business of this person. So what I done was go to the name in my contact list and deleted. that was the end of the foolishness. That was a year ago. I don't feel I missed much and that's just the way I felt,If you can talk reasonable then great but throwing sarcasm at me, I didn't owe that person a thing and now I owe them less,my 2cents worth. lol
  • It may be that they just have more appreciation for dry humor than you.
  • Good question (+points) Being the sarcastic person that I am I have yet to meet people that fall into the depth of sarcasm that I am used to. I have issues with the people who "think" they can 'crack jokes' and put them off as sarcasm. The people who don't know me all that well find out rather quickly just how sarcastic I am. I can laugh at myself just as well as I can laugh at others. I dish it out so I have have to take it.
  • Usually...I tend to be VERY sarcastic myself. I never really take anything too seriously.
  • I have no problem handling sarcasm. I just tell them to save it for someone who's impressed by their remarks.
  • Sarcasm is an art, and I appreciate it in all its forms. Even if it's directed at me. Like swearing, it's a great way to underline and emphasize a subject or situation, and I really wonder what humanity would do without it.
  • No, I'm a total half wit when it comes to sarcasm. I just don't get it. I have trouble with puns, also.
  • I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt; if they say something that sounds somehow nasty, I will assume it is sarcasm until I have a solid reason to think otherwise. So, I handle it just fine ; )
  • Sarcasm is a tricky thing..sometimes people choose words that convey things they don't really mean..or others misunderstand the intent and react based on their concept of the meaning of the words when in fact the person who said those words meant no such thing. I think it is really important to call someone on it so that the person can either say "no, that was not what I meant" or "yes, I meant exactly what you think I meant"..might save some hurt feelings! :)
  • YES I DO, I come from a long line of smart asses.

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