• Yes, and we watch these on the game show network.
  • Yes, I haven't thought about Beat The Clock in decades. I wouldn't mind seeing more game shows and less reality shows.
  • I have been watching "Let's Make A Deal". I just love seeing what the cars looked like in the 70's and how much they cost. It's amazing how many products featured on that show no longer exist. It's like a walk down memory lane and very nostalgic for me.
  • yes i remember "beat the clock" also "double your mony "(or open the box) with michael miles, and no they don't make any more quiz shows like they used to. now its all silly soaps,and unfunny comedies, do you remember the "carry on films" for instance? "the army game" , "charlie drake", "bootsie and snudge" that was real comedy.
  • Always take door #3 was my granmothers advice. We used to play beat the clock in gym class at school when I was a kid. That was fun.
  • I grew up on these shows. I wish some of them were still on. So much for progress!
  • I remember them..they were back in the days when you had to employ intelligence for a lot of game shows. I grew up on them....
  • I love those shows! I wasn't alive when they first ran, but I'd watch repeats and sometimes they still air them on GSN.
  • I remember Truth or Consequences. It was a nice show.
  • I also grew up on all those shows. In fact, I even had a 'Beat The Clock' board game! I also loved 'What's my line?' Remember 'Concentration'? I think that one was probably my very favorite of the old game shows and I also had that game. Solving those puzzles was so much FUN. :)
  • Yes PrimeTap, I grew up watching "Beat the Clock" on t.v. I don't remember it much, other than the fact that contestants use to do silly things to beat the clock and win prizes. I liked the show very much. I miss a lot of the old game shows, because they were original and creative. "Let's Make a Deal" was fun too. I don't know if you've heard of that one. Another good one "Match Game". There was also another with the late Bert Convy. Was it "Match Game", I don't remember?
  • Double Dare and Family Double Dare. I wish those shows were still on, I'd participate!
  • I miss "The Newlyweds"
  • Loved "T or C", I also used to love "Split Second"
  • Vaguely!

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