• No, I knew someone who did this will really tick off the cat but you won't hurt it. They are used to help them gauge their width, they are more apt to getting stuck somewhere though.
  • My brother (the git) did it to one of our cats and it seemed to manage just fine, thankfully.
  • Cats whiskers are just like people's whiskers. They have no feelings in them. The thing is that cats use them as feelers to gauge distances and spaces. It would hinder the cat's ability to navigate properly.
  • My mom's oldest cat chews the whiskers off of the two younger ones. We think it's a maternal/paternal instinct because he feels the need to keep a protective eye on them, and limiting their sensory abilities to instinctively keep them from wandering too far away from him.
  • Oh my god. What a horrible thing to do! It would be like someone taking away your sense of touch and smell. DON'T DO IT.
  • It seems a horribly cruel thing to do! I have never cut my cat's whiskers, but I do know they use them to judge how far between and if they can fit through an area, also why would you want to?
  • yes! those are very sensitive nerve sensors!!!!! you will hurt the cat, also make it lose it's sense of direction, and depth, technically you're not really supposed to even touch them. (it is normal for them to shed, like like fur, or claws, but dont cut them!
  • It will not physically hurt your cat, however whiskers are there for a reason, best left alone! He/she will not be too enamoured if you do this.....
  • Thats how the cat finds its way around in the dark. They are as important to a cat as your fingers are to you. Its one of the senses they rely on.
  • it might, ask your vet first

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