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  • I am not a swinger but I have been around it. There is nothing really wrong with doing it. The problem is really the people who do it. Most couples have a tough time managing a marriage once they wife swap. People can wife swap successfully but they are very far and few between. If you do the research most people do it to put a spark back in the relationship. Wife swapping is a terrible way to do that. People who swing have to except a lifestyle and if both parties are not 100% in your introuble. You can't just do it once. It has to continue and if you do it once because one of you didn't like it then you live with the regret. Alot of people who are sucessful in wife swapping had been aware of each others want to do this before the relationship took place. They based their relationhip from day one knowing they are going to be swingers. I will say some people are successful after doing it as a one time fantacy or for an added spark but it's dwarfed by the people who end up in destroyed relationships.
  • Its totally wrong...when you marry you marry one woman and one only...I have put a lot of men in the hospital for messing with my man will ever touch her ever...stay single if you want to swap girlfriends but, never a wife.....
  • I would be open to it as long as things remained "fun and games". I've never done it, but we have some "couple friends" where the wife is on my list of jack-off fantasies.
  • dont do it with people u know do it with randoms that you wont see again
  • I've not been in a position to swap but I have been in a position to share my wife and we both found it to be very exciting. Part of the excitement was it was always bareback.
  • I went once and got a Lawn Mower so it was a fair swap.
  • Not if you swap her for a dictionary and learn how to spell Swapping!

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