• too true! when i was pregnant with my first, she used to kick up into my ribs! and also i had a continuous sore area just under my left side ribs. rather unexplainable pain actually, but the area was always HOT to touch on the skin. i kept asking what it was and was always just answered with "well you shouldnt be in pain!" by the m/w but i was for almost the whole second half of the pregnancy. i just put that down to friction perhaps from where my baby's feet were or something cos that was where most of the kicking went on. sorry if this puts you off but i didnt do pregnancy very well - but its all very worth it! good luck.
  • At first it felt all fluttery... kind of like bubbles popping and all... but now, it feels like Animal the Muppet is in there with his whole drum kit. And I'm only at 18 1/2 weeks! I can't say it hurts, but it does feel REALLY weird.
  • I've had four and they were all the same for me. They all liked to do sommersaults early on and I'd get a sea-sick feeling. They never kicked my ribs (luckily) but they loved to stretch so I'd get two feet pushing my belly and two fists near my back. They also found a resting spot on one of my psyiatic nerves so I was in constant butt pain.
  • I wouldnt say any of mine felt like 'bubbles', more like a fluttering to begin with, but yeah it can be very painful. Everyone is different thought!!
  • I get kincked in the lungs and it takes my breath away or makes me say "hrumf" at akward times. I get punched in the crotch to the point where I think if I only reached down, I could feel a little hand.. it was flutters and fun for about a week.
  • Neither of my babies has felt like bubbles EVER. I don't even feel a "flutter" like many people describe. They both started as feeling little "bumps" and progressed to kicking quite hard enough to hurt at times. My daughter lodged herself very firmly upside-down (in the generally accepted "correct" position) fairly early and had a habit of jamming both feet up into the right side of my rib-cage, producing a bruise which just stayed there hurting until after she was born. This one still inside has only done that once or twice, but does tend to kick my stomach and make me feel a bit sick, and tends to spin in circles and punch and kick. My first we nicknamed "Alien-baby" after the aliens which popped out of your stomach after incubating in there in the movie Alien. This one we've nicknamed "Tigger" because bouncing is what Tiggers do best. As you get bigger, it shouldn't hurt as much, but as fun as it can be, I've definitely found it uncomfortable at times. Also, if they settle in (as mine does at times) on your cyatic nerve, it can be very painful. I've found that getting into a crawling position will get the baby to move off that, at least temporarily, and provide some relief.
  • Nothing like bubbles. I was sick to my stomach nearly every day with my last baby. It was nearly 30 years ago, but I didn't feel anything bubbles, just lumpy and kicking.
  • My son never moved once in my entire pregnancy so I felt nothing at all. My mother, who had seven, said that it could get very painful when the baby was stretching and kicking depending on where it was positioned at the time.
  • It felt like popepn popping to me. (just not quite as frequent of corse)
  • It didn't feel like bubbles and it didn't hurt but I did feel a foot stick out at my side, move to my stomach and then retreat back in. My SIL sitting across the room saw it and her eyes got huge then she kinda flipped out in a good/excited kind of way. Thanks for resurrecting that very old long forgotten memory. I enjoyed it!

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