• Harshly and without mercy. Just kidding, my folks made sure the punishment fit the crime. I was usually sent to my room and put on restriction.
  • ass whipping.
  • Spanked.
  • Up until I was about 5 years old (basically before my brother was born) my mom and dad would lock me in my bedroom. They had one of those chains you'd normally find on some front doors, only on the outside of my bedroom. I broke it one day when they'd locked the dog in my room with me ;)
  • When I was very young it was 3 cracks on the bum with the I got older, I was grounded without TV or phone privillages.
  • Very hard! My mum would hit us with anything that was handy if she couldn't get to the stick (yes I said stick) at the side of the cooker. She wouldn't aim, she'd just lash out and beat on me, until she felt I'd had enough, or shed had enough. Do I resent her? Not at all. It's the way kids were disciplined back then. Do it now and if the kid reports the parent to the police, they would be arrested.
  • Not too much discipline. Maybe a couple of beltings or maybe a nice slap, a few spankings here and there, I might have to nicely kneel for half hour at the conner of the room,(some times over a "guallo" it is kind of like a strainer thingy); if we could find a twig some whipping with it, if I came over quickly I could get 6 whips instead of 10, so that was nice. My ears were short so they needed to stretch them from time to time. Just to name a few. But they never did very horrible things to me like give me a timeout or send me to my room. I don't know how kids can tolerate that kind of tough punishments these days.
  • Gosh, this is painful, but I'm going to answer anyway. Not appropriately. I don't think my brother and I were "disciplined" but rather abused. We were treated very harshly, and for things that are just normal kid stuff, not necessarily deliberate misbehavior or even disrespectful. Dad was a hothead and Mom was too meek to stand up to him. I think she was afraid he'd hit her if she did. (My mom swears Dad never hit her, just us kids.) My brother and I were made to stand in the corner, made to bend over bare-bottomed for whipping with the belt, smacked across the face, smacked anywhere else he could find, locked in our rooms, sent to bed without supper, had our mouths washed out with soap, given tasks normally reserved for indentured servants, grounded/lost privileges, screamed at and cussed out. We weren't allowed to cry, either. If we cried, he'd "really give [us] something to cry about." I'm sure there's more, but I really have tried to block it out. I was very careful to be firm but not violent with my children.
  • I was disciplined via beating. You know, the usual fare: being smacked upside the head, hit with sticks, rolled up in a mattress. The normal stuff.
  • Pretty harshly by today's standards -- and even by the standards of that time -- not just spankings but beatings for minor infractions. Belt, board, whatever they would pick up.
  • I was spanked when I was young, and then given "a talking to" when older. I don't remember too many times I had privileges taken away or what they were--I was pretty shifty and didn't get caught very often. But I do remember lying and smoking were 2 of my hugest offenses.
  • Spanked... Had a switch I had to get once, a belt a couple of times, but the yardstick was the "weapon" of choice. Those were the "wait until your father gets home" spankings. Mom used a haribrush once, and a wooded spoon a couple of times before she switched to have Dad do it. I think it was a GOOD thing she did, because when she did, she would have been mad. For Dad it was just punishing us. Only a couple or three whacks - 1st to "tenderize" the area, the second to STING. We probably deserved it. All of us came out quite well, I think.
  • Generally, I was on my own. Maybe that's why I'm like this today - very much on my own.
  • I was the only child of a second family so was quite a lot younger than my siblings I went away to school at 6 years old and have pretty much been a loner ever since , not a person alone just a person that likes lone time and privacy.. Discipline at home was just by word,. firm but fair and I would say they same about school
  • I was spanked with hands, belts, switches and the occasional flip-flop.
  • Parents were divoreced. So we were disciplined differently depending whos house we were at. My mom grounded and spanked. My father talked to us and grounded us without laying a hand on us. All threw my childhood and to this day. I trust and respect my father more. I felt he has always treated me as a person. I never felt the same respect for my mother. But she never would listend and just did what she felt was right.
  • The two B's.............. BELT AND BACKHAND It worked, i'm okay.
  • I rarely was disciplined. My parent's discipline methods basically consisted of telling me to stop, and that usually worked pretty well. I was never grounded. I was spanked twice as a child, but those were extreme cases of misbehavior on my part.
  • We all were generally allowed to experience discovery and do about whatever we wanted as long as it didn't infringe on someone else's person. It seemed like if we got busted up it was because of something stupid we were doing and apparently my folks figured we should have learned something from it. Discipline was imposed for lying, behaving with malicious intent or failing to do our part around the house. I think most everything else was considered as a learning opportunity and we were given the freedom to experience things. Discipline would usually be harsh and swift, the belt, and we knew why we got it. I think it was fair and impartial and we all came out all right. Personally I think this society could use a little more discipline these ANY form.
  • A good old fashion ass whooping with a belt by my mom and dad.
  • I had a very strict Father that was a Principal when he was thirty and then during WW ll was a Lt. Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy. He was tough. He believed in corporal punishment.
  • Yes. At school I recieved 'THE CANE' and 'THE SLIPPER' for larking around. At home, Mom used to hit us with - Brooms A radio A piece of floorboard a mop handle Anything she coul grab that would sting!

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