• It's a kick off because it is deemed a goal if a normal penalty in the 90 minutes. However if it was a penalty shoot out then you cannot as the striker of the ball kick it again. It is then deemed a miss.
  • This is a goal, and play restarts with a kick-off on the centre spot by the team conceding the goal.
  • I should research but I believe the shooter is not eligible to touch the ball until it has been touched by another player. In this case, the ruling would be a goal kick because the shooter vilated the law and was inelligible to kick it th second time. By doing so, he kicked it past the end line..wait! It is a free kick from the spot the kicker struck the ball the second time. Wow, these few rules can be awefully confusing!
  • The ball has come off the goalie therefore touching a player therefore the player is eligible to shoot again so it is a goal and a kick off @ halfway to the team that didn't score

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