• umm, for a little while...
  • I wouldn't reccamend it, the hamster might kill the mouse
  • no definatley not.... i have a hamster and a mouse and i tried it.... it dodnt turn oyut so well
  • No, hamsters are really territorial animals, you should never put them with each other or other mice, etc... Also a good side note for parents: don't give in and get a second hamster because your child thinks their pet hamster is "lonely" living by himself, its actually the complete opposite. If you have two of different sex, they'll get along for a few days, then the male will become deathly afraid of the female because she's pregnant and he knows she'll kill him if he goes near her babies. Then if you get two of the same sex they'll attack one another on and off, and eventually look like they've been off to war. There are two reasons you don't notice this in pet stores. 1. is because hamsters are mostly awake at night, so during store hours its the middle of the night to them. 2. may be because the hamsters are still too young, they don't start to really get territorial until they're about 2 months old. I used to work for a pet store and most old hamsters, not old, but ones that didn't sell as babies and started to fight with each other, go into the care of the store and eventually get given away to breeders.
  • I have a mouse and a hamster living together. They have been for a couple months and both seem very content. Sometimes they dont sleep together and sometimes they do. The mouse is a male and the hamster is a female. I heard a bit of sqeaking once but by the time i got to the cage there wasn't anything going on. So they may have been mating. I am a little worried the female may eat the mouse, especially if she is pregnant. I was wondering if it is actually possible for her to get prenant by the mouse? An if there is anyone who has a mouse and hamster living well together? Kelly
  • what about rats and hamsters? I have two female rats and they arn't very aggresive. They play alot. My friend is trying to give away some hamsters. She apparently bought a pregnant momma hamster from the pet store...
  • what about 2 female rats and a hamster???
  • i have a adult rat and a syrian hamster together and they are fine the rat looks after her takes her food etc :) they have been together for months.
  • To answer Kellcoss77's question... Yes. Your pet hamster CAN and most certainly WILL get pregnant by your pet mouse. They will make beautiful little hamster-mice. If you don't want a litter of hamster-mice, I suggest you separate them just as soon as you can. If for some reason your hamster is already pregnant, I'd be more than happy to adopt a few hamster-mice.
  • lol heck i had same question why i came to this page. well i got a hopper mouse to feed my son snake the snake is scared of it bigger then what he usually gets well i gotten even bigger one last week. i tried to get small one pet store gave wrong size. well this time i put the baby mouse in cage with sons hampsters they took this little mouse right on in and cleaned him and fed him or her. they are even sleeping with him or her . wow amazing i thought. who ever knew. i have lots of hampster for sale as well. for they are dalmation dwarfs hampsters. now who know as mouse gets bigger i maybe having hamptmice lol. rofl. well thank you been quite interesting.
  • my snake thinks hampster-mice are especially tasty
  • hamster males are weird!girl's are not that scary!well i can be if you'r mean!lol!
  • Isn't that the age old question? Can't the hamsters and mice just get along?
  • You should never keep different species of rodents together as they rarely get along.
  • Ok after reading this one a few others whose opinions on this matter were different, I decided to test it out. I have an albino hamster and a small fancy mouse. Well the first few minutes went ok. My hamster kept following the mouse around and sniffing at it and even tripping over her water bowl a few times in curiosity. Well the hamster has a glass jar where it has made its bed to sleep and when she had the mouse cornered in there it was over. Squeak Squeak Squeak. Had to seperate them right away. Their houses are no sufficient so I have decided to get a 10 gallon aquarium and put a piece of plex glass in the middle and they will have to share a home but not play together lol.
  • Regular hamsters are very territorial and cannot even live with other hamsters, let alone something like mice. However, dwarf hamsters do live in colonies unlike their larger counterparts. I still don't know if they'd allow another species to live in the same cage as them, though...
  • Yes. Mine do. Rodents of different species can be kept in the same cage provided certain steps are followed. It is usually, not always, easy to mix newly weaned rodents. If you mix them when they're grown, they'll fight even those of their own species. You can try the split cage method for mixing adult rodents. This takes time and will test your patience and has a high failure rate. Hi kellcoss, your rodents are probably having sex. My male mouse and his wife, the dwarf Campbell hamster, have sex. They're not compatible genetically though, so don't expect a baby.
  • Putting them together would leave to disaster. When I was little my sister had a gerbial and I had a hamster I stook them together and the gerbial killed the hamster. Putting rodents together of different species never works.
  • I have gerbil and 3 mice and robo hamster and they get along well although the hamster likes to fall asleep in the tube so the other 4 try to scoot him so they can go through lol. also please not i have a humugas cage so they can get away from each other.
  • I'm not sure wat to do now I would like to put my 7 month old dwarf hamster with a mouse but I don't no how or if I should do it

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