• I say Grace Slick, and I like her voice better
  • Janis Joplin had a voice that you could get lost in. It was full of soul and emotion and I vote for her, hands down.
  • janis joplin, absolutly amazing. one of the best voices of all time.
  • I loved Janice Joplin. If you love Janice, you'll love Wanda Watson, check this out, she's a bad ass.
  • neither Cristina Scabbia-Lacuna coil.
  • janis !!... all round amazing voice
  • They both have/had unique and strong voices. My view may be unpopular, but I found Janis's voice, though powerful, to be gravelly and sometimes downright unpleasant. I'd choose Grace Slick as having the most powerful and overall better vocal quality of the two.
  • Joplin. Hands down.
  • Janis has the more powerful voice, but I like Grace's voice better.
  • janis had a stronger voice but Gracies voice is much better.
  • Janis had a powerful voice but Grace's had more range. One was a singer and one was a blues singer. Apples and oranges. Both very tasty.
  • You can't compare the two, except in their own unique intensities. Grace obviously had the stronger more controlled voice. Janis may have sounded "stronger", but it was actually very raspy and not as projecting as Grace was capabable of. One was a blues shouter and the other a rock singer. Both excellent at what they produced .
  • Everyone just loves to idealize dead performers. You mean to tell me that Jimi Hendrix was more skilled than Eric Clapton? The same applies to actors. One of the greatest, Marlon Brando, was with us until very recently, but people were always hung up on James Dean, just because he drives like one of Hulk Hogan's kids.
  • They both have remarcable voices. I also like Susan Tedeschi
  • Grace Slick, of course, Janis was a great singer but she could shout really loud, not sing powerfully, there's a great difference but people don't seem to notice it. Just listen to the song "House at Pooneil Corner" live in woodstock, where Grace Sings the first part by herself again because Marty Balin's microphone wasn't working. She's awesome.
  • Janis has soul, Grace had emotion and neither could sing on pitch.
  • I loved them both, but Janis sang with far more soul.

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