• Whichever group you are covertly funding = "freedom fighter." If you are supporting their government, but not the group specifically = "rebel." If you have decided to pursue an unjust war against them = "terrorist." If you want to minimize them when they fight back against your unjust war = "insurgent." At least that's how "Dumb-ya" seems to call things . . . .
  • Perspective.
  • What side you're on
  • Whether you're winning/desperately pretending you're not losing or losing
  • A terrorist inflicts terror, while an insurgent revolts against civil authority. An insurgent is more like a rebel that defies civil laws. A freedom fighter adheres to most civil laws, but will rebel every once in a while if certain laws are oppressive.
  • 7-17-2017 "Terrorist" always used to refer to the way a government treated its citizens. It was Dubya Bush who reversed the meaning 9-11-01. "Insurgent" means "rushing in". "Freedom fighter" and "rebel" only depend on which side you sympathize with.

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