• well, someone has to be the guy who's always picked last in gym :/
  • budget problems during the building of the first calendar
  • here is a site that explains it pretty good
  • Can you imagine how desperate it would be in the winter to have an extra 3 days added to the dreariest month of all?
  • February smoked when young, which stunted its growth. :o)
  • I believe that Julius Caeasar took a day for his month (July) as well as Augustus Caesar (August). There might be a little more to it than that, but that is all I remember from my history class in high school.
  • 1) The last great calendar change dates back to Julius Caesar. I read many interesting things about this reform. Sacrobosco's explanations about the month's lengths is the most convincing, however, it is not supported by the facts: 2) It would certainly not have been a problem, from a mathematical point of view, to give one day less to two longer months and give them to February. And the leap February would then have had 31 days. For instance, Januar, Augustus and December got two more days at the time: 3) Here is my own explanation: - February stayed the irregular month in the new calendar. To stress this particularity, it should never reach the length of any other month (this could also explain why February only had 28 days or less in the old calendar) - in normal years, the length of February would stay the same as in the old calendar 4) The length of any "normal" month in the old Roman Calendar was either 29 or 31 days. This is because a lunation is about 29.5 days and the old Romans did not like even numbers. A former version also did not have January and February. This explains the last months names: 5. Quintilis (Iulius) 6. Sextilis (Augustus) 7. September 8. October 9. November 10. December Further information about the old Roman calendar:
  • This year it had 29.
  • It's a conspiracy by the national landlord association. They can get their dough quicker and they like to take early March vacations. They are a clever shifty lot.
  • See .

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