• the shiny side is the side you need to protect, that being said, id leave it on the shiny side to make sure nothing goes on top of it and scratches it. The best idea would be to put it in a cd case though.
  • The bottom side is a lens, so as long as you can clean it and prevent more than minor scratches, you're OK. The top side is simply a thin spray coating of lacquer on the aluminum layer holding the data, so it is very susceptible to scratches too. But - whereas minor scratches can often be polished out from the bottom lens side, if the aluminum data layer top side is damaged - that's it, it's over.
  • The shiny side is the one the laser reads, so the printed side would be best to lay down. HOWEVER, it's best to put it back in the case! ;-)
  • Neither. You put it in a CD case, you can pickup a 5 pack from the dollar store, guess how much?

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