• I have a "friend" who prides herself on being a bitch. She is just insecure. I don't want to generalize everyone, but that is my finding.
  • Because they are mean! They are just assholes!!
  • im pretty sure thats the general idea.. for some reason bullies usually have a history of somehow being a wussy. and seem to think by being an asshole themselves they overpower that "fear" or w/e you wanna call it
  • I really dont know. That's not something I'd be proud of at all.
  • I am mean… In fact I’m an ass... and I tell you this because I’d rather you treat me like the ass I am, instead of the cripple my body has made me... thought, the cripple thing does come in handy... you wouldn’t believe some of the crap people let me get away with.
  • i am proud to say that i used to be mean... don't push your luck it will cost you not me
  • I would NEVER be proud of myself if i was mean. Not that i have not been mean here and there to people but, i did not feel good after.
  • This is an interesting question, Doggie. I think it stems from creating a sense of identity/ self labeled as the ego. If a person feels unfilled in his/her self-esteem and does not have the strength to act generously and respectfully toward others, that individual may lash out from a place of fear rather than responding from that wholesome place of love. Pride is a very dangerous thing sometimes, and what we pride ourselves in says so very much about us. When people are proud of undesirable behaviors and traits, it says to me that they are ultimately very insecure and are desperately looking for a sense of identity in order to find self-gratification of the ego. Of course, being mean doesn't actually provide this type of satisfaction. So then, the lashing out gets worse, the attacks more hateful and senseless, and this vicious cycle pretty much resembles a dog chasing its own tail.
  • Their pride could only come about by the honest admission of their meanness. Therefore they are proud of their honesty and not in they being mean. In a similar manner there are people in Japan who are proud to declare that they are gangsters.
  • They are called assholes and bitches. There is no stopping them they came from bad stock and were created. Remember them when you pass them by so you know who not to help. If they wish to trounce you alone, show them the power of numbers.

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