• First GF joined the Adventure Simulation Club (Dungeons and Dragons Roll-Playing group) at Purdue to get ME to ask her out. Played DND with a friend a couple of weeks, and then I overheard that they were NOT BF/GF. Asked her to a party that night. ;-)
  • When I was Catholic, a gal approached me after a service I attended in Boston (Park Street Chapel) and we made a date. We ended up engaged and in love at the Amalfi Coast in Italy months later!
  • This girl hid in my locker until the end of they when I had to open it...popped out and scared the crap out of me!
  • Something simular to you. A guy stopped me when I was outside mowing and asked me to go out with him sometime. He then told me he had been watching me for awhile. (I live in the country, so that was kind of a scary thought.) I was as polite as I could be and got away as quick as possible.
  • I got a strange letter in the mail.
  • I female friend of mine (1) told another female friend (2) that I was a really nice and pleasant guy and that she should ask me out. I did not know about this before hand. So friend2 comes up to me one day and says: "Ramon do you want to go with me?" I liked her and she was cute, but I was speechless I not only was amazed but I was speechless not one word could come out of my mouth. I was not to good on slang and even though I had a pretty good idea of what "want to go with me" meant I wasn't completely sure. In addition as Puertorican we are always accustomed that it is always the guy that asks the girl out, so I was simply stunned. After a couple of minutes of extreme awkwardness, I said "I will tell you tomorrow."... So I thought about it a lot and I figure I would do things the way that I knew was normal. I thought I would be the one to ask her out. So next day at the cafeteria I sat next to her and I asked her (2) "Do you want to go with me?" She looked at me and at first she did not say anything and than she said, "I will let you know later today. So I am thinking in my head, "well she is obviously going to say yes." And I was kind of excited at the prospect of her saying yes. The day went on and on and classes were over and people went home except those doing extra-curricular activities. She was the leader of her drill team and she was practising with them. So I walked up again and asked "Do you want to go with me?" And again she said "I will let you know later. Now I am thinking she is just playing hard to get. So I keep waiting and after another hour again I asked her "Do you want to go with me?" This time in front of all the girls of the drill team that were practising with her she said: "Ramon, the only reason I asked you if you wanted to go with me is because Sheril (friend 1) told me that you are a really nice guy and intelligent and that I should go out with you and know you better. "That's the only reason." And to answer your question, No, I do not want to go out with you. After all that day waiting and after staying so long after classes and in front of such a big group of girls I was speechless and very, very embarrassed. The next day I don't know exactly how all three of us ended up together talking. Sheril started by saying that it had been her idea of telling friend2 (I can't remember her name) Oh Rhonda. of telling Rhonda that she should go out with me because I was a nice guy and it would be a nice experience. Rhonda just stood there for a little bit than left. And I did not know what to make out of the embarrassment that I had felt the previous day. In all this and in retrospect had I used my so called "intelligence" I would had realized that Sheril was the girl that really wanted to go out with me and I never asked her. Sorry if this story is too long... I just hope it is not too boring...
  • Followed me around town, figured out who my best friend was and where he worked, asked and got my phone number and called to ask me out. I should have listened to my gut on that one. Live and learn.
  • i was at chapters, wasting time before work and some random guy came up to me and was like "i've been watching you read for a while, it's sexy as hell .. wanna get a coffee?" .. sketchy
  • Followed me in the BK bathroom. Next thing I know he was everywhere I was. Must have been stalking me. Stupid me gave in after months of persuasion and married then later divorced the creep.
  • wow thats really creepy! the only thing similar that happend to me was recently at Central Park in NYC, my cousin and i were there all day just walking around before the fireworks started (this was on the 4th of July btw) and we walked down a few blocks looking for a bathroom and we went to starbucks. and when i was waited for her this guy came over and sat right next to me and started singing a Bob Marley song. and right before we left he started asking me questions. he was..okay, but the fact that he followed me about 10+ blocks was creepy so i didn't give him my number!

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