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  • I like the average sized 5 1/2 to around 8. Anything over and I hurt
  • Hmmm. Well first off I don't measure penises. I'm not even sure how you go about it. Maybe a good question to ask. (OK I just asked it) I would say averaged size is fine. I'm small so it can't be too big or it won't fit LOL. So OK yeah I do stretch, but I only have so much room so it may not fit all the way in. WAY more important in size is how the guy uses it. And MOST important is that the guy pays attention to me and how I am feeling/responding.
  • I find it more interesting that this question was asked over 6 hours ago and not one woman answered. Not even one politically correct "size doesnt matter". Could it be because they are concerned that if they responded truthfully they might be viewed less than lady like? I'm not judging, but it is funny no women have truthfully put it out there for all to see.
    • hot&ready
      well because to most women, size does not matter...its how the man treats her and he takes care of her other needs
  • LOL. I just found this question! Honestly I did. But yeah, I agree size doensn't matter, I just wouldn't want a HUGE penis though. You know like a foot long or two... that to me would be painful. My bf is about average size and I think that any bigger than that would hurt. Atleast on my opinion. :)
  • The bigger the better.

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