• Can't say, but I got a feeling your neighbors will approve. ;)
  • As long as you do it in front of the mirror, and/or videotape it, you should do just fine.
  • Why do you think you need this? I'm sure you're a very nice person and if you're doign YOGA then you must be reasonably fit (in the healthy sense) to begin with. What would you hope to achieve by doing this, besides providing an outlet of people who are lonley trying to imagine it?
  • it won't do anything for your self esteem if you are a bit of a porker and all the other people in the class have the bodies of supermodels.
  • To be very honest, if you already know that your issues with your body are unfounded, then you don't really need physical excercise but mental exercise, if you understand what I mean? Your body is healthy enough to get you through the day without excessive pain, and by majority standard in relatively good shape. So working on your fit body is like trying to wash a clean car to enjoy driving it again. You actually need to do what you're doing now: talk about it. See a councellor, and while it may sound shallow, join one of those picture rating sites. Even if you know you'll get a good score, seeing it makes a difference. Also, are you dating much? Having another person validate what you know is often more effective than just telling yourself. Go out, date, and pay attention to your compliments instead of brushing them off bashfully. You deserve them! Lastly...Chris actually had the right idea, if you took him seriously. This may be a somewhat more bold approach, but is directly related to your naked more. Yes, you can do yoga, or just wash clothing, or watch a dvd. But being comfortable outside of your clothing with no one around will ease you toward being confident under your clothing when others are around. And if you're able to get comfortable with that, then lastly you could explore nude art modelling for painters or photographers. Seeing yourself as beautiful through the eyes of an artist can be an amazing step to realizing how great a gift your body is, in any shape! So, I do hope I didn't lose your attention with my extensive answer, but even moreso I hope that my answer or any other you received may offer you some insight into finding the confidence you're searching for. Best of luck to you, B!
  • Practicing yoga in total nudity would be against all ancient traditions of yoga. Always wear the minimum of clothing to cover the private parts atleast while doing yogic exercises. Total nudity during yogic practice would be against the spirit of yoga. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • Doing anything new will give you a feeling of power and accomplishment. That's a huge self-esteem boost. If ya wanna do yoga in the nude, go for it. I like yoga and would love to try it...but I have an eleven-yr-old son running around the house, lol. I do a little yoga and it has made me more comfortable with my body. I can move more easily and I feel so graceful after an hour of yoga!

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