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  • I can only guess, but I would say because it's pretty much foolproof. What's a better bargaining chip than using someone's own flesh and blood to manipulate them? People who do this are horrible and evil, and probably a major component of this kind of behavior is that they tend to be selfish and treat their children like objects or dolls. Good question, I've often wondered this myself.
  • Posessive (or however you spell it) of the guy, over bearing, jealous that he might leave her and go see another woman, crazy maybe...
  • That is exactly why they do it. They think that if they get pregnant, the guy will stay with them. At least, that's my understanding of the whole thing anyway.
  • Alot of women think that is the key to keeping a man, but that isn't so. A baby or two, or three won't hold a man down. If you need to use that as a weapon to try and keep a man, he isn't worth holding on to!
  • Because they're idealistic, but also lunatics.
  • One common big mistake by women is getting pregnant so the man will love her. This doesn't work.
  • Because some women are complete and utter idiots.

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