• I think I can speak for most guys. They may tell you that that want romance but they prefer sex. There are some romantic guys out there but the majority of them arent. Lets say for a second that I lump your b/f with 99% of the other guys out there. I think you should send him some sexy pictures. And as far as sexy pictures.... you have to figure out on how your relationship is to determine how sexy the pictures are.
  • Send him a hand written letter via Fed Ex. Buy him an hour massage. Send him a glass rose, and tell him you will love him until this rose dies. If you send real flowers, guys wouldnt expect them, and tell him you love him just because..... Buy him his favorite type of book and put post it notes through out with love messages. Create a scrapbook of of things he does that make you love him. Buy two robes, two bottles of wine, two candles, send him one of each, ask him out on a phone date, have a dinner delivered to him. You both put on your robes, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit at the table, with a speaker phone a have a dinner date.
  • If you two have said that you love him, write him a letter saying "100 reasons why i love you, or 100 reasons why i miss you" That will work, it worked for my gf :-)
  • Make him baked goods. ;)
  • instead of buying him and hour massage... get a couple package... I did it for my boyfriend and it was a great experience... also take him to an imax theatre for a good movie.. or laser show... Something that you two can do together and share memories when hes gone....

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