• It's because the Bible says that God is the only God. Therefore Allah(the god of Islam) is not real. But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and eternal King. The earth quakes at His wrath, and the nations cannot endure His rage. Jeremiah 10:10 That means that Muhammad lied and made up the religion. Jews are not totally wrong. They believe that Jesus was a real person, but they do not believe that He was the Messiah. They are still looking for him. I am a Christian but I don't condemn people for believing other ways. I just tell them what I believe and let them decide. People have free will to decide for themselves.
  • It is because they are either insecure hypocrites, or deeply arrogant.
  • Because they're hypocrites.
  • because EVERY organised religion on earth is hypocritical and each and everyone says if they do not belong to their religion then they are wrong and will go to hell... and yet at the same time they preach that THEIR religion is the only true and loving religion... and born again Christions are the worst of them all
  • There are hypocrites in ALL walks of life. In every race, religion, social class, and in every category you can think of, you will find good and bad people.
  • The ones who get upset need to go back to the drawing board (The Bible) and find what it is God is trying to tell them instead of feeling like it's their battle when it's NOT in anyway shape or form. God doesn't need anyone getting upset or growing angry over others thoughts or statements. If he wanted he could flick us all like bugs and start all over like he did with the 40 days and 40 nights flood. Even Jesus himself never tried to "Make" someone believe him he just wished they would have. Everything that is truth will ring crystal clear when judgment arrives.
  • Many people are not secure enough in their beliefs to be able to hear an opposing viewpoint without it feeling like an attack. The reason Christians seem to be that way more than other people is because certain conservative segments have willfully sheltered themselves from secular perspectives. They call it being "sanctified" (set apart), but it really amounts to intellectual cowardice. They do themselves (and their children) a disservice by weakening their own ability to defend their firmly-held beliefs. Because they are not used to hearing secular ideas, any such challenge to their beliefs shakes them more than seems reasonable.
  • You're making a big generalization here and it only causes some people to become defensive about their religion. Live and let live. :)
  • well.. there are good folk and bad folk everywhere.. i have no problem defending my faith when others try to debase it or make false statements about it... and let live. as analogy...if someone said something really ugly about my daddy or mom in public..... theyd probably have an ugly fight on their hands....its that simple
  • There is a double standard agains Islam in the west no doubt about that and for centuries Chrisitan authors have been teaching against the prophet muhammad during a time when the Christian west had their sights on dominating Muslim lands. However there have been exceptions like Thomas Carlyle and others and also in mass media of today usally the politically correc thing to say is the prophet muhammad rather than just Muhammad. It is also fair to say that the muslims countries have biases against the christian belief and the christian west but with one major difference that many arab and muslim countries have large Christian populations that were never influenced by the western Christianity as well as Jesus is regarded as the prophet of God, and the messenger of God and the Spirit of Allah in the Quran and Christians are given the nearness to Muslims in the Quran as opposed to Jews who hold much more legal religious similarities to muslims. Muslms are made to respect and honor Jesus,or else face charges of heresy, though the muslim belief of Jesus is not satisfactory for many Christians but on the contray Christians have no religious command to honor any other culture or religion. Some would argue that the Bible says otherwise but the example of past and modern Christiandom has mostly proven that Jesus is the king and all others are non existent.
  • everyone gets upset when someone "bashes" their beliefs. it is rude and obnoxious.
  • I was reading that parable yesterday about the six blind men with the elephant. Each man was grabbing a part of the elephant and arguing with the rest of the men about what an elephant looks like based on the part he was feeling. One said a rope (tail) one said a wall (side of elephant) one said it was just bones (tusks) etc. A sighted man comes along and tells them that they are all part right and all completely wrong, because they refused to accept the other's version. That is what these people remind me of. They see part of God which is their version and have no concept of the whole picture. All are partly right and all are dead wrong because they are stuck in their own dogma.
  • why are some muslims constantly trying to trash chistianity to a point where they have actually declared a holy war wher by they are killing infidels (NON BELIEVERS) all in the name of allah?
  • There are some good answers here. I must say I can identify with what the question is asking, however I look at it in a broader context. I asked it myself many times. Why do many people get so defensive when challenged? I think one answer to the question is in the way we are taught. Realistically, most people get spoon fed. We get told what is true and what's not. Some teachers might help us understand why it's 'true', but it's not always the rule. The other thing I think that happens is that people are taught not to question. This is not just a religious thing. Look at our society - spoon-fed a heap of mainstream media drivel that most people just suck up like baby food. How many of us are taught to think critically and to examine and analyse things? How many of us simply suck it up and accept it without any further thought? At the same time, we're also not taught how to explore, critique and defend points of view. Look at a subject matter expert in any field - if you question them and challenge their theories or beliefs, they will come back with a structured argument that draws on their subject matter, their understanding of it, and so forth - they are able to 'apologise', or defend, their perspective. The average person doesn't always know how to do that. With only second-hand information, no real understanding of it from critical examination, and no skills in 'arguing' or defending a point of view, how will a person respond when their viewpoint is threatened? I think another thing that many people don't understand is that when a belief is challenged, that's just it - it is the belief that is being challenged. Unfortunately I perceive that too many people take it personally, and feel that they themselves are being attacked. So, how is somebody with no real subject matter understanding, no critical thinking skills, and no debating skills going to react to what they interpret as a personal attack? Usually the response I see is a personal attack right back. It's an instinctive defense mechanism, but in this case it does nothing except destroy the person's credibility on the spot. I think people in religion are vulnerable (Christianity in particular) because they are taught that it's all about faith - faith that in this western society is interpreted as blind acceptance. Blind acceptance asks no questions, seeks no understanding, and cannot defend itself against challenge. That's just my take on it. As always, I could be wrong.
  • Double standards. They feel that they've got the "truth". And that anyone who casts aspersion against the "truth" must be motivated by evil. And since they've got the 'truth" everyone else is willfully choosing evil.
  • Why do some people get upset when you take their cake but have no problem to take the cake of others? Kindergarten mentality. Probably never heard of the golden rule.
  • Because of hypocrisy. They believe that they can do and say anything they want insomuch as others don't do the same
  • Why do people get defensive when any of their beliefs are challenged, and yet have no problem challenging things they don't believe? This is natural.
  • I have a different experience. In my experience, Christians are used to such criticism, at least in the U.S., because they've been seeing and hearing it all of their lives. In my experience, it's muslims who truly get upset if something is said about their religion... death threats over cartoons, death threats over documentaries, etc.
  • what you gotta understand is that there are at least three classes of christians 1. the true believer (one who lives by the word) 2. the hypocrite (who says "i'm a christian, but doesn't act it) 3. the false profit (one who believes THEY VERSIAN of THE WORD which has been edited to fit their personal feelings and failings) usually it is class 3 'christians' who get upset if you disagree with there way of interpreting the bible although the true believer can be overzealous at times as well

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