• They might be generic ibuprofen tablets... . I recommend not ingesting them if you don't know what they are (Duh!)...;-D..
  • Found a really neat site: that can assist you in finding out what it is. DON'T take them without knowing positively what they are. Your pharmacist may also be willing to help.
  • theses could be numours things but my best guess would be steorids
  • I have heard that Ecstasy can be brown, though according to Wiki, they usually have some kind of monogram imprint. I wouldn't take them to find out! If you found them in someone's belongings (a mate or your kids), I would definitely have them tested to find out what they are. Otherwise, you should probably flush them.
    • Linda Joy
      Never flush medications! You can make the fishies sick, or impotent! Cover them with water so they dissolve, then put them in the trash.
  • Are they iron tablets? I'm taking them at the moment, and they are similar to how you've described those. I think you need to find out what they are for sure, though! :-)

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