• A young woman. No longer a girl, but not yet a woman, that takes experience and 17 years is not yet enough.
  • According to the law, which considers anyone under the age of eighteen to be a minor, then yeah, she's a girl. But if she acts more mature than other girls her age, she might be considered closer to an adult, despite being only seventeen. Physically, most of the time, seventeen years old is just entering full womanhood. I guess it depends on what you mean by being an adult/woman!
  • In a perspective of biology she has started her menstration cycle and she is able to bear and born a child, but does this make her a woman in todays society? I dont think so, it should be a mental perspective, is she mentally a woman.... but then the question arises how do we know, when does this happen? it happens at a different age for all people. the law states that at the age of 18 we are mature enough to be called adults, but this could come way earlier or way later depending on the person and life expierences
  • I am sure she looks like a woman and not a girl, but she is not yet a woman. If you want to call her a young woman, I guess that's OK. I would call her a teenager and be done with it.
  • a girl
  • I think the maturity level of a person determines if they should be called an adult.
  • No...haven't you heard Britney Spears song "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman?" probably haven't...but I will admit that I did go watch the movie Crossroads. But yeah...17-18 is kind of a weird awkward age for girls. You aren't this and aren't that.
  • Well, I am 17 years old and I consider myself a teenager.
  • In between girl-hood and woman-hood.
  • Depends on the individual and how they feel about themselves at a particular moment in time! If a woman feels like a girl, that's OK. If a man behaves like a boy that's OK too. It's all in your head. Feel young, old, happy or decrepit, it doen't matter what age you are.
  • In my opinon.
  • Yes, just as a 20 year old guy can still be referred to as a boy. It's not accurate to describe her as a woman as she isn't yet, closer to young woman. I think a woman denotes some level of both sexual capability and mental/emotional maturity.
  • well she's definitely not a boy... I think it's more relationship to the speaker when it comes to girl versus woman. If the speaker is close to the same age or older than her, than it is ok to say "girl." It doesn't seem to work when she is significantly older than the speaker - only "woman" seems to work there. I don't consider it an offense to call a woman a girl or vice versa, but you have to be polite in certain circles and the above rule seems to work for guys my age at least (I'm 24).
  • Well it depends on the level of maturity of the person, and how they act, what they look like, their past experiances etc.
  • Yes she is still a girl. Speaking from experience and knowing from my friends....a girl doesn't really become a women till she is about 21 or so. Most women will then have some idea as to who she is and what she wants in life and even then she is still changing.
  • Legally: yes.
  • Emotionally, intellectually and legally - YES.
  • Almost all women are "girls" or "ladies" and all men are "boys" or "guys" to me. I don't know why I have an aversion to the words "men" and "women" but I apparently do. As for the cut-off... Up to ABOUT 17 (I think it depends on their maturity) they're "Girls" or "Boys". Anyone younger than I can be called a "girl" or a "guy". "Ladies" is reserved for those older than I, or who LOOK like "older ladies" to me. (Sometimes when I don't know the ages of a group, I don't mix... it's either "girls" or "ladies".) And "gals" is used ONLY occasionally in informal conversation. That's just the way I, personally, see and say it. ;-)
  • She's technically a girl until she's 18.
  • Shes a fucken girl because she aint mature enough to relise that dating a 25 year old guy dosnt make her 18 so she is an immature girl at the worst stage of her life soz for the offense its just my view

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