• Yes. Constant improvement brings passion to one's life, a reason to live.
  • Yes. The entire universe is in a state of entropy. This means that change is both inevitable and unavoidable. Staying the same is an impossibility. The best that we can hope for is to choose wisely the speed and direction of our next change. If we are going to be going through constant changes, they may as well be self improvements ... as a Ninja, I am always trying to perfect something.
  • Yes. It is a part of life. People, things and ideas are constantly changing, it's meant to be that way. If you constantly battle to resist those changes instead of growing with them, you will wear yourself out and be left behind. I am not saying that all changes are good or all changes should be just accepted, but if you reject all or even most changes just because it IS change, you are stunting your own growth.

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