• penicillin 1) "In the 1940s and 1950s, a variety of penicillin-based clinical regimens were shown to effectively prevent neonatal transmission of syphilis.1–5 Today’s guidelines still are based on the clinical experience from those studies." Source: 2) Studies in penicillin treatment of syphilis From 1943 to 1950 Source: 3) "Review of Current Evidence and Comparison of Guidelines for Effective Syphilis Treatment in Europe" 4) " Thus, for a brief time malaria was used as treatment for tertiary syphilis because it produced prolonged and high fevers. This was considered an acceptable risk because the malaria could later be treated with quinine which was available at that time. This discovery was championed by Julius Wagner-Jauregg, who won the 1927 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in this area. Malaria as a treatment for syphilis was usually reserved for late disease, especially neurosyphilis, and then followed by either Salvarsan or Neosalvarsan as adjuvant therapy. These treatments were finally rendered obsolete by the discovery of penicillin, and its widespread manufacture after World War II allowed syphilis to be effectively and reliably cured." Source and further information:

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