• If it was something that hurt other people, then yes.
  • No, who are they to judge?
  • Yes, right after I pointed out the change in his physical appearance,broken bones,bloody nose, black eyes,loose teeth! LOL
  • It depends on who was telling me and if I valued their opinion or not. In general, I am already aware of my faults and try to work on them, but somethings just have to be chalked up to being they way they are.
  • I would be very surprised if someone pointed out a serious flaw in my personality that I wasn't already aware of. But would I "change"? If it's a serious flaw in my personality, what are my best options? I find that trying to change my personality is an exercise in frustration for the most part: lots of smoke and struggle, but not a lot of result. There is a much better way to approach this sort of thing though -- rather than trying to change my personality, I find it much more helpful to take responsibility for my shortcomings. That means to acknowledge their existence ongoingly, and make sure that others know that I'm aware of them, and to find appropriate ways to compensate for those shortcomings to minimize their impact. The last bit is to work on being aware of those personality flaws on a daily basis so that I can see when one of them is trying to take over and cause me to behave in unwelcome ways. This combination of awareness, restraint, and acceptance does create the conditions where the flaws become less of a problem over time. But that's very different than embarking on some futile and self-defeating program to change my personality.
  • I would only change my personality if it was someone i really respected. But for anyone else no because thats the way iam and if they dont like it they can just leave.
  • I think I would not just with one person. Now if several pointed out a serious flaw I have to look at myself long and hard and try to change.
  • I think I would strive to change it, yes. Particularly if it was an unpleasant or undesirable fault.
  • The only thing that would make me change anything in regards to my personality, was if I was not a very nice person,and did things that hurt others, or was not good for my health.
  • It would depend entirely on who the judge of my alleged "fault" was, and on wether or not I agreed with his or her assessment.
  • depends on what I thought of the person who told me this. If I respected their opinion, then sure why not. Life is a series of changes as we grow up and old, and nothing wrong with being humble.
  • Probably not, honestly, depending on what this "fault" they pointed out actually was.
  • I would hope so! After all, I am the most humble chap in the world! ;)
  • I would try. but it would be hard.
  • It certainly would depending if they were correct. If they were and made me aware of it, I would consider it. I do try to improve myself and keep an open mind.
  • I'd be humble enough (and have been) to admit faults, but humility has nothing to do with change....maybe that's why I'm divorced:)
  • Depending on the fault, and the person pointing it out, I would probably make an attempt to change. But, changing who you are is not an easy thing to do.
  • I might change if I thought about it and decided the person was telling the truth. If I didn't agree, though, then I might not.
  • No, I don't need someone else to point out my faults, anyone I know wouldn't do that and anyone I don't know doesn't count. I will change those things about myself I don't like, not what others don't like, they will either take me for who I am or look for other friends.
  • Eventually, it would bother me so much I would probably try to change it. There's no reason to not try to be a better person, just because someone else points it out. I mean, how else am I going to know? But, if they were a dick about it, I wouldn't let them know they had anything to do with it.
  • No, it could possibly be only their opinion. Even if it wasn't, I would not change any flaw. I am me.
  • I'm too self aware. I know what my faults are and what they are not. And, yeah, whatever anyone pointed out to me, I would already know about. And, already be trying to change it (If I felt it was actually a real fault).
  • ohh thats a good one..i have a friend who is having personality issues at the moment..and its not that i want her to change..but i just want her to stop ALL together and get over herself
  • Yes, I would hope if it was a serious fault that I would recognize that they were right and thank them.
  • Yeah I would be, given it was from an honest person who cares, and not one of those people who are REALLY good at finding faults in others.

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