• No I don't think it will. American football is far too well established and supported for that to ever happen, in the same way that American Football will never become more popular than soccer in those parts of the world where soccer is well established and widely supported.
  • I'm sure it will ..when everybody replaces there football with a soccer ball
  • But...but...I thought 'soccer' was just the American way of saying 'football'
  • Never gonna happen dude, sorry... That is like saying Rallye is going to become more popular than Nascar. It would be nice but not a snowball's chance in Hell. (if you believe in that kind of stuff...)
  • Never. When the Yanks had the world cup (94) half the country didnt even know they had it. They dont wanna recognise a sport that to become world champions you have to beat other teams outside the US. Baseball , football , basketball. How many times does a German or Australian team win them?? World champions dominate the rest of the world. Not just think they do!!!
  • No, unfortunately. The main sports in the states are just too big, and other sports don't have as much exposure so they don't have the chance to become as popular. Most people have to pay for extra sports channels to get something other than the big three (baseball, basketball, "football"), and in the news and in newspapers, anything other than the big three usually takes up a very small part of the coverage. It's really too bad, if you ask me. Because to me, "soccer" is much more exciting. It's practically non-stop action and when a goal is scored, there's nothing like hearing the fans go nuts and start singing together. I love it. I can't get enough. I am an American female who is just as fanatic about her "soccer" as her European hubby. LOL :) ps... i have soccer and football in quotation marks because I usually call them football and american football... but for the sake of the question i kept everything named the same.
  • No , pity that it is.
  • I don't think it will.
  • naaaa Americans love football too much
  • Any sport in which the champion can be selected in a "shootout" is ridiculous. It is like the World Series being decided by a home run hitting competition. Soccer is the sport of the future in the US. And it always will be.
  • I'm a weird American kid..... I am the only one that knows the starters of Barcelona soccer team.... but i digress, i certianly hope so though.
  • Probably not.The most popular games in the U.S.have never been eclipsed by similar sports, even if they are played by more countries. E.g. Rugby has never interested the U.S. even though the skills needed to play are similar to American football. Although there are also similarities between Baseball and Cricket ie. pitcher seeking to open up striker by varying delivery and striker using eye/hand coordination to strike ball in order to score, there has been no desire to compete in cricket world cups etc. American football, Baseball, Basketball, etc are so much a part of the history and culture of the U.S. that every dreaming youngster aspires to be a star in one of them. One thing I do think though, is, that the very fact that the question has been asked is an indication of how huge soccer has become. I think there is a chance that soccer will become the biggest imported team sport in the U.S. unfortunately, mainly because of the financial rewards rather than the sport itself.
  • It won't unfortunately, American Football is by far too big and well established, I like football because I was brought up on it in England, but the Americans won't ever have the same feelings towards it
  • Not after needlessly Feminist "soccer moms" forced rules about not keeping score so no one wins thus making other have to lose. But hey if you like having women in control of sports...well...

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