• Yes. Many times.
  • Yeah....that was fun!
  • In the past, "situations" have occurred concerning a neighbors kids. Those instances, minor though they were, were extremely uncomfortable and not easily resolved. Can't imagine a situation escalating to the point I want to declare war. Property damage, imprisonment and/or possibly death does not portend a happy future.
  • I have. But I haven't done much to make their life a living hell. I was considering taking pictures of them when they bathe in their outdoor shower in the summer time, but I decided that was much to disgusting.
  • No,I have seen people shoot their neighbors over parking spots,shoveling snow onto the others walkway. Life is too short for all that. My closest neighbor is a half mile away in any direction so I'm good.
  • Yup! We live in a duplex aparment. They started before they even moved in. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and wasn't feeling well. I had gone downstairs to the couch so I wouldn't disturb my husband. I woke up from dozing off to a skillsaw being run in the apartment next door as well as a car parked in front of my livingroom window with high beams on. At 2:00 AM!!! With a two-year old sleeping upstairs!! My husband went over and explained that it was Very early in the morning and how I wasn't feeling well and could they stop. They said sure. When he closed our front door they started in again with the saw. I phoned the police. There was a noise ordinances in place. The police arrived and made them stop. I was shocked someone could be so rude. All they ever did after that was complain about anything and everything. The landlord knew us and knew they were just being a$&holes! We had a huge party in the backyard that summer and had about 75 people over, with a live band. We also had a cannon. A homeade one that a friend had given us. Well, we lit that off a couple of times and they called the police. They arrived and checked out what we had and told the neighbors, that as long as we didn't put a projectile into it that what we were doing was perfectly legal. They moved out a couple of months later.
  • I have been so lucky no matter where I have moved to I have always had great neighbours who turn out to good friends
  • I have been upset they parked in our yard, but war no.
  • Yes, right now. My husbend and a neighbor kid walked out of our apartment the kid had a cap gun and he shot it outside 3 times and the woman outside ( who knows us very well) looked around at him and walked into her apartment, about 45 minets latter the police came to my door and told me she said we where being to loud and didnt know what the noise was. We had 4 adults tell him that it was the boy of someone ealse who did it, even the kids mother said he did it. About a week latter i was talking to the office manager who told me she had told them my husbend was shooting a hand gun behind her. She now runs inside every time we see her. As far as we know we didnt do anything to upset her. I cant wait to get a house.....there wont be people beside us if we get the house we want..:|
  • No but they found out how fun it was to declare war on me when they were handed their eviction notice. I try to live peacefully but if your gonna start it you can be damn sure I'm gonna finish it.
  • ha ha no. but i've heard some stories of people who have. our Lawyer's neighbor turned the high pressure sprinklers in her direction so she would get wet when outside.
  • Yep i have now, our road is a nightmare for parking and my chap parks his van outside my house. We got woken up very early on a Saturday morning, by a rough looking neighbour who preceeded to tell us how annoying his van is and that the whole street was annoyed about it, i politely told him to 'fcuk off and get a life' turns out he has 3 vans with trailers blocking up the road!!!! no-one is annoyed with us just him.....bloody pikeys!
  • Yeah, but only because so many of these people don't seem to understand that when you live in an apartment, you need to be respectful of other tenants. I'm not a crab ass, but after repeatedly asking this one neighbor to not have loud parties (on weeknights til 6:30 am) 3 times a week, I just started calling the police. Then he had the nerve to ask me why I called the cops on him!
  • I'm very close to it. My neighbor is a rocker. The paper thin walls of my apartment aren't a viable replacement for ear plugs.
  • No , I have only ever spoken to my neighbour once and waved down the road at any others . The one I have spoken to is very pleasant.
  • When my parents neighbour caught a cat, locked it in a cage and then poured hot boiling water over her, I jumped into his jard to prevent him. It was too late for the cat but since then I'm in war with him. It doesnt show as anything but pure ignoring of eachother. But sometimes, when he is mean to his animals I would like to shot him with an air riffle. Just to hust him, not to kill him ;)
  • Yeah When I lived in Boston, Freakin kids were dropping beer bottles out the second story window of the building I lived in. So I went in grabbed my paintball gun & started firing away through their window!!
  • Many times, most of the time I emerged victorious. We even got the landlord to move the last ones out!
  • No, I've never had much trouble with my neighbours.
  • Yes but only unofficially. Mostly I am defended by organic or what had used to be organic barricades, i.e. wood because I would defend my turf till the end. My Neighbors are good people but I like my space to remain as my space and I kid you not , it is not pleasant to trepidate upon your space ever and the day that happens is a sad day indeed. I like to maintain a peaceful truce where I never get the lower hand in any treaties that we make amongst ourselves.
  • I'm not gonna lie. I lived next door to some crackheads about 15 years ago. They moved. So when their house mysteriously caught fire, I let that fucker burn for a while, before I called the Fire Dept.
  • yes, many years ago, I try to not get to that level nowdays, a bit older and slower I guess. Our neighbours had a bus stop shifted to outside the front of our house, from their house, so we went all out, we chopped down some of their trees, ( well, not totally) when we had parties, our friends woudl yell and cuss over the fence towards their hosue, and just got generally snakey !! it was all really rather pathetic !!
  • I had one neighbor who was not interested in being neighborly. They were keen on letting their dog crap in my yard. I tried repeatedly to reason with them and have them clean up their own dog crap from my yard . No luck, just ignorant arguments. One day I caught them letting their dog into my fenced yard to do his business. I went into my home , emptied my 3 litter boxes into a big ol' bucket and distributed it on their porch, steps and ,lawn and knocked on their door to inform them that I no longer had a problem cleaning up after their animal as long as they didnt mind cleaning up after mine. Problem solved.
  • Yes, just yesterday, neighbor burns rubbish everyday from his house and business. I filed a complaint with DEP. I also got my .223 rifle sighted in, in case it really gets going.
  • YEP and I ain't lost yet...

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