• I consider them one in the same.
  • waitressing.
  • they are both bad but if i had to pick one, prostitution. porn actors face is everywhere on tapes videos n gives u bad reputation whereas prostitutes get less attention n u only see em on da streets.......right!
  • Well, I don't have much respect for either profession, but if I have to choose just one as the worst, I would say prostitution.
  • Erm, actress... ah well, you get my point. Oh, and don't you dare rate this answer! ;)
  • Its a close call but I think the worse one is prostitution.
  • Probably prostitution. More chance of getting murdered.
  • Prostitution, less pay and the rep is bad.
  • Porn stars get paid a lot more, they get tested for STDs, less threat of physical harm, and they pay thier taxes. Prostitution, not so much. Porn stars are at least smart about thier stupidity!
  • I would have to say Hard Core Porn actor
  • I would say , garbage collector, or cleaning the rivers, of course, washing diapers is pretty gross. As to the two mentioned, they aren't for me, but, I recognise everyones right to choose.
  • Both they are nasty and wrong.
  • I don't theoretically think there's a difference
  • I think both are good jobs.
  • I'd say prostitution. You probably make a lot more as a hard core porn actress. And everyone is tested regularly, so you have more options when choosing who you might work with.
  • Pay wise the worse would be prostitution. Frankly, if I were going to have to do one or the other..I would like to get more buck for my bang.
  • Porn star is worse. It's on film/cd forever. At least with pstitution, you do the trick and then it's over.
  • Prostitution. If you're a porn star, you get to pick who you work with, free STD tests every few weeks, free condoms, and you make a hell of a lot of money. With prostitution, you're not nearly as safe and you barely make enough to pay rent.
  • Porn Star. They have to constantly stop and start over.
  • They aren't good or bad. They merely are. If you consider them alongside many other proffessions (lawyers come immediaitely to mind) prostitutes and porn-stars do much less harm to individuals and society in general) Consider them in terms of safety of the workers and you'd find that both of them stack up well against jobs in the construction, manufacturing and - especially - meat packing industries. Prostitutes (contrary to popular belief) do no harm to marriages. The husbands that can't keep it in their pants do harm to marriages. A husband that wants to cheat will - either with a hooker or some other willing female. On top of that (no pun intended) prostitutes serve a real purpose. They allow the unlayable to experience physical intimacy. They allow the terminally lonely some measure of companionship - as so optly said by Paul Simon, "Asking only workman's wages I went looking for a job / But I get no offers / Just some come-ons from the whores on 2nd avenue / I do declare there were times that I was so lonesome I took some comfort there." The only reason that this question is being asked is because we live in a prudish/puritan society that is terrified of sex. Should my daughter (or son) grow up to be a porn-star or a prostitute I may not be beaming proud but there'd be less chance of shame than if they were attorneys. Bliss P.S. I'm I prostitute. Everyday I allow men I don't know to insist I do things for them that I wouldn't except for the fact that I'm getting paid - I'm in manufacturing - and the only difference I see is that I work on my feet rather than my back or knees.
  • I'd rather be a porn star. I don't get killed after not being paid for me services, AND I get to go to adult film conventions. Also, I could become semi-famous, which is something I've always wanted to do, and I imagine I would make more people happy with my reasonably priced DVDs.
  • Are those two different?
  • What about "gold digging"? It's like prostitution with more pretense. I don't think they're both super-evil, per say. In Nevada prostitution is regulated and prostitutes are required to get STD testing. Outside of Nevada and Rhode Island (the only US states that legalize prostitution), prostitution can be very dangerous (because of the clientèle) and many prostitutes are drug addicts. The problem with acting in hardcore porn, be it gonzo or not, is that there's a record that you cannot erase. Sure, future employers and partners may not know, but it's come back to haunt both men and women. (Former MTV host and actor Simon Rex was in a video and word eventually got to his mother who saw the video. Talk about awkward!) If a woman (or t-girl) is a whore, there's often little evidence of it, other than he said/she said and a possible police record if caught. There is, however, risk of disease if they aren't careful. Vivid and some other companies are now using condoms for all vaginal intercourse and most companies do regular STD testing. There's a moral issue of prostitutes performing sexual acts on married or otherwise "taken" guys. (From what I've heard, it's mostly oral sex because their partners don't like to do that themselves.) Of course, there are women out there who don't ask many questions before hopping in bed with a man, but they don't charge for it in a formal arrangement. Some may expect to be taken to dinner, some may want a piece of jewelry, and so on. Still, others ask for no payment in return. They either just like sex or have a sexual addiction (usually tied in to self-esteem and intimacy issues). Some adult film stars end up having sex with married individuals within their profession, but the spouses are typically open to it because it's the chosen career of their mates.
  • Porn star is a safter job better pay STD tests Less threat of violence But you can be a prostitute without any of your family of friends knowing about it Porn Star more of a chance of people finding out
  • I wouldn't want to do either, but if I had to choose, High Class Call Girl, rather than hardcore porn actress (people wouldn't recognize me for getting peed on or whatever)
  • As far as the morality, I consider them to be pretty interchangeable. Aside from that, I would say prostitution. Porn is legal, so it's likely that there are some standards. Your partners aren't any Joe Blow off the street. You are able to turn down "jobs". You can insist on condoms, etc. The only upside prostitution has over porn? If you've never been charged or convicted of it, you could potentially bury it in the past. Porn is, by it's very nature, "on the record". It can (and likely will) come back to haunt you over and over again. Imagine you're twelve year old being at a friend's house when the "friend" pops in a tape they found in Daddy's bedroom. "Dude. Look what your Mom's doing." They'd be taunted for a very long time.

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