• Id say returning because you always come home with extra luggage lol. Or it could be getting ready to go as sometimes you have to go out and buy things for the holiday but might m iss the shops.. Its a tie .
  • Returning. I love the days leading up to a big vacation.
  • Returning home. Ugh!
  • Returning home - as you unpack and do all the laundry, you reflect on the fact that your vacation is over.
  • That's a good one but i think that for me it's coming home because, once u get at a nice relaxing place u dont wanna go home
  • going home sux
  • Returning home for me. I really did not like the day before vacation and the day after returning from it. Now as a self employed person, it does not matter that much.
  • for me its returning home because i am in a nice place and i dont want to go back home. its too nice on the vaction and dont wanna leave
  • Without preparation and/or experience, getting ready is harder. So much should be done before leaving (cramming work schedules, buying needed items, arranging logistics, etc) but coming home if you want you can simply plop in a chair, dump your clothes and veg-out until you have the energy to get back into a routine (that's simplified of course)
  • Getting ready to go is harder although if you travel a lot you can get a routine making it easier. Going home is easy but can be pretty depressing.
  • I'm always very excited about getting ready for vacation, I can hardly sleep the day before leaving. I do most of the planning well in advance, getting the motel rooms and such, so there isn't much getting ready. The coming home part is hard because we have to leave our family (who we are visiting) and drive or fly the 500 miles back home. Edit: I am on vacation right now, typing this answer on the hotel balcony overlooking the ocean.
  • The anxiety of preparing for a vacation is definetely first. Anticipating the trip and what you'll see when you arrive. Going home is a drop in the bucket. the clothes are dirty, your billfold is empty and you have maxed-out your credit cards. Going is more fun, returning is the pitts.
  • Returning home. Having to drag all your stuff back into the house, do laundry, get your stacks of mail from the post office, etc... pain in the ass. I'd rather just stay on vacation!
  • Getting ready. It takes me longer and I always seem to forget something.
  • Neither. I have a difficult time just convincing my mind and body that I am on vacation.

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