• It depends on your choices for the future. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a degree in anything you wish to make a living at. It opens a lot of opportunities you might not get without it. Remember the term "higher learning" too.
  • College is very important. Without getting a college education it is very difficult to get a good job. Yes you can get jobs, but those jobs are not as good as those with a college degree. You can't shortchange your education. It is very important.
  • for anyone actually wishing to be able to provide a comfortable life for themselves and their family, yes. Even with a degree that is not always possible.
  • It depends on what you want to do. I have a friend that owns hos own business and is very successful with only 2 years of college. My younger brother is looking to move up in his company and the lack of a degree is holding him back so he is going back to school. It is best to have it in your pocket if in doubt.
  • I think it depends on what is studied in college.If one studies for a profession that is already over-flooded with people,or a profession that is so obscure that employment is virtually impossible ,then college has little use.If it is for careers that are in the need in society it is wise to attend college.Also one has to consider the cost burden and if the profession they chosen will allow them to repay the student loan without financial stress.
  • Depends what you are going to do with your life. YOu could choose trade schools or apprenticeship programs. You may decide to just DO something. Sometimes college is just something else to write on h your resume but it doesn't affect your job hunting or abilities directly.
  • If you know what you want ot od in life then yes i believe college is the right answer. However, for me personally i went to college for 6 months and hated every minute i am clever however i hate education! Since i've left i have been really successful in my job and now work for a major bank and i am earning a good salary. Unlike my firends who are now at university and in thousands of pounds worth of debt!!
  • I think that, in reality, going to college is unnecessary except for some extremely specialized careers that require intensive learning and testing, such as law or medicine. Other than that, going to college is mostly a waste of time. That said, a college degree IS needed, or at least it can really help you get jobs. More specifically, not having a degree can sometimes mean you won't even be considered, or you'll be looked down upon. So I guess what I'm saying is that most people who go to college only get a degree out of it, because society says that's important. But I disagree that there is any real value for most people.
  • It is for what I want to do in life.
  • for some.
  • Going to college is about much more than learning specific information for a future job. It's about learning to analyze and synthesize information. it's about learning to write well and to express yourself effectively. It's about developing discipline to survive through difficult tasks. It's about spending intense times with a group of close friends. It's about finding out who you are before have to get tied down to a job. And it's about getting laid and drinking beer. It's not just about dry academics. You can survive without it, but it is an opportunity and an experience you will appreciate for the rest of your life.
  • hell yeah it is, who wants to flip burgers for the rest of their life? you need a degree to do pretty much anything now days
  • I firmly believe that it's entirely necessary. Whether or not you need a degree to get the job you want is entirely irrelevant. You learn how to survive on your own, you develop interpersonal relationship skills that are crucial in the real world, and it's downright fun. Not to mention your logic and reasoning skills will be greatly improved regardless of major.
  • YES!, it gives more options in life. Plus.. Financial Aid.. Money in the Bank. J/K. but seriously IT'S IMPORTANT TO GO TO COLLEGE IF YOU WANT A GOOD LIVING/life.

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