• The first one is a nice love story. Good film. I love the fact he loses the match but wins ultimately by getting the girl. The second is OK as well. After that they became a bit of a joke I fear.
  • I loved them. Sylvester Stallone is one of my favorite actors. I just like to look at him :)
  • love them cause he is awesome and i just love his movies
  • Hate them. Not only are they dragging it out waaaaaay too much but I get a buttload of annoying people that go "Yo Adrian" at me. That joke is so old!! I'm not even a girl!!!!!!!!!!! I will always hate Sylvester Stallone for that movie.
  • Love only the first one. The last one was okay, actually.
  • I don't think they deserve all of the "glorification" they get...
  • It's a love-hate relationship depending on what movie we're talking about.
  • Oh yes! I love the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"! Oh, no, wait.. Sorry, what was the question again? ;o)
  • I absolutely adore all six of them and constantly rewatch them as i have them on dvd. its the way the underdog always comes from behind :)
  • hate them..just don't like sylvester stallone...but Tim Curry in Rocky Horror..I could watch that all the time:)
  • Omg, I loveeeeeee the rocky movies :) They have such a nice message, and they are soooo entertaining. :) Plus Sylvestor Stallone is really cute in 3, 4, and 5 after the plot goes into him having a lot of money to fix himself up :) He's cute in 1 and 2 as well, just because of his South Philly accent :) He's also a cute older guy in 6 :) Omg, I really liked 6 because Milo Ventimiglia played Rocky Jr. and he is soooo hot, i love him :) Anyways, I find that each movie has a special message behind it, and it can be enjoyed by any generation :) I think the best movies have just that quality :)
  • I love the Rocky movies. Who doesn't like the underdog winning in the end?
  • I love his training.It is rly funny.And rocky's song just pwns!
  • love em, just something uplifting about them...i'm such a loser i cry from all of them
  • horrible, exept the new one i thot it was awesome
  • I love the first 3. I have to. I'm Italian/American.
  • I love the first three. The fourth got a little too over the top. The fifth was a total bore. Balboa would have been good if Talia Shire had returned.
  • Ok. ALL of those movies are amazing. I actually have a tattoo of the italion stallion symbol on my remind me that I can do anything if I just have the time to "go the distance". Rocky IS my hero! And Sylvester Stallone is my favorite actor...even though it only took him 3 days to write the original Rocky, he is one of the most influencial screen play writers of the 20th and 21st century. He has inspired me to be all I can be...thanks for the most amazing movies ever to be created, in the past and future.
  • One of the upper channels had a marathon of the Rocky movies and I found myself facinated by them. I think I was enthrawled by them because I thought, "Wow, he made MILLIONS of dollars from these movies...hell, if he can - so can I!"
  • Something interestingly 'camp' about 'em, huh?! ;-)
  • rocky - love rocky 2 - also love rocky 3 - like rocky 4 - love the montarge's rocky 5 - i hate it. it has so much point less dramer rocky 6 - love it
  • Never been interested in them.
  • They don't appeal to me.

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