• I was an atheist but have now changed to agnostic. I NEVER have believed in a god and never will (unless ofc a god shows his face) but I did learn that there is no proof he does not exist the same as there is none that he does. Lack of evidence does not mean he does not exist.
  • Not until there is some strong evidence of he/she/its existence. I don't need god in a personal capacity and see no reason why god should exist. Ergo atheist. As an aside I define atheist to be "Lack of belief in God(s)" as opposed to "belief that there is no God(s)" - I think there are few atheists that will classify themselves in the ultra strong variety as they all acknowledge the unfalsifiability of it all.
  • Who should tempt me? I don't believe in the Devil either! ;-)
  • I'll start getting tempted when they start providing credible evidence...
  • Atheists ask where is God in times of distress.
  • I was raised in a very strict religious family, and my Uncles are members of the priesthood. I always asked too many questions, and wanted the Bible and Church teachings to make sense, but they never did. I don't know how many times I was told I had to have Faith. I finally realized none of it really does make any sense, and I don't have any Faith, after all.
  • No thanks. It is a waste of my time.
  • I get mild temptations every now and then to believe in god but I believe it's simply part of human curiosity. For example, I also get mild temptations to do wholly secular things that I know to be unreasonable: drive faster, play the lottery, always go with the first choice, et cetera. It's Freud's id, if you will, trying to do what the inner animal wants to do. In the case of god, it might be seeing a coincidence or a remarkable irony and then saying, "Wow, that was most unusual," and then starting to think that there are outside forces at work. But that simply amounts to chance being chance. And perhaps my reasoned snap back to reality would be, What, nothing strange can happen in this world? Everything must make sense or go as it always does, or else Zeus is making things happen? So in a slight change of position I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am tempted to believe in god at times, but that I can sometimes recognize when my brain abandons reason for a simpler, more convenient answer. And that's a large part of what drives many people to believe in god in the first place. Curses, human condition!
  • Why? What on earth (or in heaven) could tempt me to give up a rational outlook?
  • tempted to believe? i'm not even sure what that means sure would be nice if we could live forever when we're dead i like to think that evil deeds are automatically corrected without effort on our part i rarely have any desire to ask a big imaginary friend for help is this the sort of thing you had in mind?
  • When I try to see what there was before the big bang. What was there? When logic fails me.
  • I'm never tempted to believe in any of the gods people claim to know or to have known, as far as I'm concerned these are all made up. I am sometimes tempted to believe there may be a god or some other creative intelligence but if there is it is clear to me it does not wish to be known, nor does it have our best interest in mind. However, I rarely entertain that notion for too long.
  • No, what is there to tempt me? Oh wait, spending eternity with all of the judgmental, ignorant people of the world. thanks. . *edit* I'd like to add that I am always open to questioning what I believe. I am constantly asking questions about the world and how it works and I'll never stop asking questions.
  • Tempted? I am tempted to fly, but I can't. But I question all the time. I will always take the time to reassess my beliefs and ideas. It seldom results in my changing my viewpoint, but I am not afraid to test them and see if they still hold water. I would say that most athiests and agnostics do the same. And the fact that they come to the same conclusions over and over is meaningful. There is nothing new to make them change their minds, and the old reasons for coming to these conclusions are still solid and rational.
  • yeh, when i see ghosts and shit, makes me wonder what else is out there
  • Which one?

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