• A type of Japanese nigri-zushi (sushi) that is of the finger roll variety. Toro, literall, is "belly of tuna".
  • Toro, as mentioned before, is sushi. It is also the most delicious and expensive sushi you can buy. If you imagine maguro (tuna) as a cow, the chuck is the akami, or maguro (red meat), the sirloin is chu-toro (middle) and oh-toro is the filet mignon. Some places will charge more than $10 for one peice of sushi of this in Japan, so be careful.
  • Toro is actually the fatty cut of the Tuna and not a type of sushi. Many confuse Sushi with Sashimi. Sushi is a dish with includes a choice of topping with rice. The toppings can be other than raw fish. (Sweet eggs, clams, roe, cucumber, etc.,) Sashimi means raw cuts of fish (or meat as in gyu-sashi - beef sashimi, basashi - horse sashimi, etc.,) Toro is now used as a term of fatty parts of other meats in Japan other than fish. (Ton-toro = (grilled) fatty pork served at Yakitori restaurants) An interesting note is that although Toro fetches a premium price now, in the Edo period of Japan, the fatty part of the Tuna was thrown away as scrap. The red meat (akami) was considered most desirable.
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