• Just a guess here but it's probably because a 15 year old girl is not ready for a long-term commitment to anyone.
  • Littlebirrd, I couldn't have said it better. At 15, she probably doesn't even know what it means to BE female, let alone how to handle a relationship.
  • Because she's 15 and hasn't really had time to find out who she is and what she needs as an adult yet. She's testing the water, discovering new things, excited by the fact that others find her attractive. I doubt that at 15 she knows what true love is. Many teens are in love with the idea of being in love, not to mention competition with others for attention.
  • well a 15 year old girl is still immature about what they want and who they want to date. kids in high school feel like they have to date just one boy or girl and they get in a rut. at that age kids need to be free to date others and not get stuck with one. its a matter of maturity and growing up.
  • it sounds like she wants more than one boyfriend

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