• I was chased by a dog when I went down the wrong driveway and went to the wrong door, and rang the wrong bell, and the chase began!
  • Threw him with a cell phone and then punched him on the nose a couple of times, well, it was about a 70kg Boerboel and it was either me or him and I wasn’t planning on leaving earth soon, it was a scary experience, God was watching over me see also;
  • Tried to run away, lost my Dr. Scholl's sandal and got bit hard on the butt.
  • Thought "How the f**k am I gonna vault that fence? " This morning funny enough on my post delivery. I got over , it's amazing what you can do with a rotweiler in tow !!
  • It was just a snappy little annoying dog. I placed my large purse close to the ground and let him go at that, silly little pup!
  • I killed the dog. It was a pit bull, he attacked me when I was coming out from under a house (termite inspection) Bit my ankle and tried to walk away with it. I carry a prospector's hammer for probing wooden substructures of homes, so I buried the pick in his head but found out they don't have a brain cause I must have missed! He wouldn't freaking stop!! So I pulled out my fold up Gerber knife and carved his head almost all the way off before that bastard stopped. They tried to sue me for $3,000 but the judge tossed out the case, he said you can't tell a man to come and work on your house and then turn a vicious dog loose and expect nothing to come of it.
  • I always stop and try to make friends with the dog. 99.9999999999% of the time it works. The one time it didn't work I was on the dog's territory (in it's front yard). (Another time a dog nipped me as I approached it but that was because it was sniffing a piece of rubbish and it thought I wanted to 'steal' the piece of rubbish. On that occasion I wasn't chased - I approached the dog. After the 'warning bark and nip' it let me go.) Notice that dogs don't chase you as you walk towards them. They only decide to chase you as you are walking AWAY from them. (Makes it hard when you're just trying to walk past their house!) Usually you can stop, turn around, totally ignore all their nonsense and just call them in your usual excited, glad to see you type voice ("Here boy, good dog" etc). At this point, the dog usually gets scared. Sometimes they'll even run away. But if you are patient and persistent (definitely don't rush it), the dog will stop being too scared, may become curious, eventually will sniff your hand, let you pat him, and then become just a friendly dog. (Then they want to follow you because you're their mate.) A dog on the streets is pretty timid. A dog in his own yard is more interested in protecting 'his turf'. The easiest way to become friends with a dog is to offer him food. (But half the time you throw food at them and they think it's a rock and run away. You gotta be gentle.) I'm told they like cheese. (Don't give 'em chocolate - it makes them sick.)
  • Rolled on the ground. I was playing with my dogs! I can't say I have been chased by a strange dog for a long time. My reaction is to remain calm and not look at the dog. They usually go away.
  • I jumped on top of a nearby car and just stared at that little bastard.
  • Threw the ball. Knock on wood I'm pretty lucky to say thats the only time I've ever been chased by a dog so far never been chased out of anger
  • She caught me we got married!.LOL
  • That was many years ago...I was riding my bike (about 12 years old) and a dog started chasing me...a very large, tall bit me on the when I got home my mom took me to the Doctor and I got a shot..thought I'd have to go through the series of rabies shots (which I understand are somewhat painful) but they located the dog and he was not rabid, so I dodged a bullet! :)
  • Screamed, cried and wet my pants.
  • stopped turned around made myself as big as possible and charged it growling loudly spun around and ran away with its tail between it legs .... well it was only a sausage dog...:)
  • well i was about 9 when my dog chased me round the dining room table i just carried on running then tripped over the table leg and she trampled all over me...i cried-my fault tho RIP NICKY NOO xxx
  • I turned around and growled so LOUD, that a car passing by in the street, slammed on it's brakes. It stopped the German Shephard in his tracks, (he then turned around and trotted back home). The driver of the car rolled down her window and asked if I was okay. She said she was just fixing to honk because she saw the dog coming at me.
  • I've never been chased per-se. I've been followed and barked at. I try to calmy walk out of their reach cuz frankly, if you run, the WILL chase after you. Unless it's a little one, then I chase IT :)
  • i got chased by a grate dane i used to walk as he turned funny towards everyone i shut him in some flats down the road and went and got the owner

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