• YES, he will go to Iraq. YES, he will deploy. YES, he will be attached to army units when he deploys, and will do JUST what the army does in Iraq. They deploy for a long time, too. There is talk about involuntary deployments for this career field, and extending the length of their deployments. Security Forces are the Air Force infantry. For more information on this career field from people who are already enlisted, or who have been there and done that, I recommend you visit: It is free. Visit the Air Force discussion board and look up Security Forces. But I can tell you, with 100 % surety - he will deploy to Iraq. If the recruiter tells him otherwise - HE IS LYING. The only way he will not go to Iraq right away, is if he gets a short tour in a remote location. Short tours only last for 1 year. Once the tour is over, he better be prepared. TTT
  • There are career fields in the Air Force that do not deploy as much, and do not deploy to Iraq nearly as often as Security Forces. If your boyfriend qualifies for a really cool job, a ADMIN job... tell him not to be stupid (like I was) and TAKE THAT JOB. When he gets out of the military (if he does) he can get a civilian job that pays a LOT of money.

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