• The guy that I was living with just took off with 2 grand of my money to NY. I'd consider that being used
  • Yes. A guy used me to have sex (never called again), but then again, i didn't mind, because I was very young and wanted just the same thing. Actually... The answer No would be more accurate...
  • Yes, I was used as a "floatation device". This gal I was dating, only dated me until her true love came back into town, so I guess I was a "floatation device for her to keep her head above the water until her ship came home."
  • Yep. A girlfriend (now long ex-) thought it would be fun to have multiple boyfriends without telling one another. So she had a blast, and when we found out about each other, her fun,well, ended.
  • Yep. It just happends that I have been used by these people: 1.The ex 2.The sister 3.ABer #1 4.ABer #2 5.ABer #3 And the reason why is that they all saw me as a pushover or some kind of wimp which I was. They made me into the person that I am now. A spiteful and vengeful SOB.
  • ex boyfriends they wanted something that all guys want and they didn't get it! ;( grrrrrr
  • apparently in the 80's I was an unknowing tool of the lasatir drug smuggleing organization out of AR :(
  • Yes. He wanted something other than
  • when i was 13 there was this boy that used me to get sex...he never got sex but that's why he would come around i believe...he was a few years older than me.
  • My wife used me for sex a few days back. I felt cheap and demeaned.
  • for sex in the '80s by 2 women.both their husbands were drunks and i was the only adult on the island that didn't drink alcohol or smoked pot.
  • Yes, I have. Best guess I have as for why they used me was that they wished to build themselves up by attacking and tearing me down. So, I suppose ,I was used as superglue to try and fix their shaky self-image. I'll never know exactly since I removed that cancer from my life.
  • Ok something not sexual - when I was in high school I wasn't very popular, and while standing in the lunch line one day, and popular boy started talking to me. Pretty soon I noticed he was ahead of me in line. Worst of all, when a teacher confronted him about budging in line, he pointed back to me and said "that guy said I could." Now granted I had short hair and coke bottle glasses in 9th grade, but to a teenage girl, that is like instant death.
  • More times then I care to admit. Why? A wide variety of reasons, the most common, to fight somebody elses battles. I call it cu*ted on command and I still fall for it upon occasion. I'm still and will continue working on that.
  • Yes I still don't know why
  • I don't mean to sound vain, but I was used as "arm candy." This guy asked me out. On our date, he asked me if I would attend a wedding with him. I agreed. On the way to the wedding, he told me it was his ex-girlfriend's wedding and he just wanted to show her that he could get a girl as "beautiful" as me. We never went out again.
  • To build up their self-esteem and there is a healthy way of doing it and there is an unhealthy way. Her's VERY unhealthy.

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