• Blood relative no but you're still their grandmother as you are the active partner to your step son's father/mother. Richard Shines
  • Your stepson's daughter is your step-grandaughter as she is not related to you by blood or genetics. Most blended families I know accept children and other "added" relatives into their families, introduce them, in this case, as a granddaughter. No further explanations are necessary.
  • In our family my step-parents are my childrens grandparents. Just as my in-laws are my daughter's grandparents. (my daughter is from a past relationship)
  • Technically you're the step-grandmother... She's lucky to have THREE SETS of grandparents.
  • It's as you make it. My daughter-in-law's son by a previous marriage just fathered a little boy. He's my step-great-grandson. ANYBODY would want this little kid, don't you think?
  • She is your step-grand-daughter. How she addresses you and the relationship you share should be one that is determined by you, your step-son, the child's mother, and the child. Some children are thrilled to have additional grandparents, and some grandparents are crazy about the idea of having additional grand-children. But, she may think you're trying to take the place of another grandparent, or not feel comfortable calling you what your other grandchildren call you. In that case, make sure she knows you're not trying to take anyone's place in her life, but that you want to be her friend. Maybe she can come up with a new "name" for you that she calls your, if she's not comfortable with the Grandma/Grandpa thing. . .
  • She is your step-granddaughter.
  • While technically she isn't genetically related to you, I hope your accept her fully as your granddaughter. Not that you're doing this, but it really bugs me when people explicitly point out "not my child/grandkid/etc, but my STEP-child/grandkid/etc". I believe it makes a kid feel unwanted very fast. :)
  • Your step grand daughter is your by marriage grand daughter.
  • Absolutely no relation whatsoever. However, in a close knit family the step part is forgotten and he is like your son and you are grandama to his kid.

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