• In one of the episodes, Stacy London did mention her fiance. Concluding that she is in a relationship.
  • She's enaged... you can see that she has a big diamond ring her finger.
  • Her fiance's name is Mark and she calls him Eeyore.
  • No. According to Mark they are no longer together. This has been the case since at least November 2004.
  • No, she's not married. As for the question concerning relationship, that's difficult to answer unless we know how you are defining a relationship. She's been out there, available. But, what she does afterwards might or might not be considered a relationship, depending on whom you ask.
  • The ring is from episodes prior the summer of 2005. Unless she got engaged to someone different her relationship with Mark is over. Though she has continued to get him back according to his ego.
  • According to someone who was very close to her, she is in love with herself.
  • she said in a tlc commercial things that she knows who she loves so i guess that makes her in a relationship.
  • Why does it matter whether or not Ms. London is in a relationship? What bearing does it have on your life? She is obviously successful, capable, confident, driven, intelligent, and beautiful. She is also a person with her own life and right to privacy. Can you not simply be thankful for the gifts she offers through her work and outside of that, leave her alone? If she wants to meet you and invite you into her personal circle of friends, I'm sure she'll find a way to let you know. Until then, instead of imagining you're known to her or have or might have a relationship with her, get a life of your own, persue your own dreams, succeed in your own right. You'll be much happier for it.
  • Who cares if she's single or dating..i mean does it really matter to her fans? as long as she's happy who cares what she does?? and she's great at her job!!
  • I hope not...I would do anything to meet her, I do have a bit of a crush not an obsession.
  • YEA SHES MARRIED THIS IS 2007!!!!!!!
  • No She's Not Married and you arn't Stacy London so stop trying to ber her!!!!
  • Stacy is married to Clinton Kelly. They are on a tv show together.
  • The episode i was just watching she was wearing a ring on her left hand so maybe..
  • Who cares if she is married she is a beautiful lady and smart to.
  • I honestly do NOT no the answer. And she does sometimes wear a ring on her left hand on the tv show.But guys...HELLO!!! Thats fashion! A lot of girls do that! Married or not. Clinton might be gay, but personally he doesn't act like it on the show. He has a great personality and is good at what he does. Just because you like fashion, and your a male, doesn't mean your gay! I think it would be really cute if Stacy and Clinton had a relationship!(Of course..if he's not gay!Ha)

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