• It's a mixed bag. It tends to be fanatics that do the damage. They don't have any tolerance towards those who won't accept thier beliefs.
  • Honestly, I think its more suffering, what with the crusades, and the spanish inqusition, and even in todays world with people likle Fred Phelps
  • I think when you factor in the millions of people who haved lived good lives according to their faith the answer is good
  • Definitely more suffering. That's what jesus is all about! LOL
  • . This is a rather compelling question. Yes in the “name of the Lord Jesus” much violence and evil has been carried out, but to who’s will and purpose? Certainly not God the Fathers, certainly not Christ Jesus the Son. Mankind, in the form of a counterfeit Christian organization of Christendom has tampered with God’s Word, concealed God’s will, engaged itself deeply in mankind’s political affairs. Jesus taught his followers to be “no part of the world”. His kingdom was “no part of the world”. Jesus and his apostles foretold a “great apostasy” that would strike the Christian congregation. That is exactly what you see today. Remember though, how in the Bible book of Matthew Chapter 7:21-23 Jesus said to them: “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness.” The ones who have caused all of this suffering in Jesus name and who have misrepresented him will be judged accordingly by him. Meanwhile, let us focus on the fine life that Jesus lived, and the powerful words that he left us. Thus, far more good will be done in account of his name, to his Father's glory. We can truly walk as “Followers of Christ”.
  • oh, definitely, more many people have been killed in the name of god.
  • Far, far more good than suffering.
  • Far more suffering has been caused, and will be caused, in "the name of Jesus". Christianity by its very nature is exclusive - if you're not in the club, you won't go to heaven. The reason for this isn't readily apparent, though: Some would say that being "saved" is an incentive to avoid hell, but in reality, the belief in hell as a place of suffering for all non-Christians is the single biggest motivation for Christians. Most Christians have an innate NEED to believe that they're better than non-Christians in some way, and the belief that the unsaved are doomed to burn for all eternity satisfies that need quite nicely. Just look at how they react when they find out you or someone else isn't a Christian: Pity if you're lucky, sometimes condescension, sometimes downright hatred. Even a cheerful, "Well, then you need to get right with God!" implies that they're "right" and you're not. . What all this means is that Christianity is designed to ensure that someone, somewhere, is suffering to some extent. No good has ever come of it, and never will.
  • There has probably been more damage (the crusades) obviously also in the name of Allah as well though.
  • While I won't deny that suffering has been caused in the name of the Lord by misguided people, there has been an awful lot of good done in His name too, abolition, ending apartheid (Bishop Tutu), the civil rights movement was led first by ministers, the formation of hospitals and regulated nursing and medical care, relief organizations, Habitat for Humanity, mental health care in hospitals instead of incarceration in prisons, Christians hid Jews all over Europe during WWII..... Sunday schools were founded to provide kids who worked in factories in the Victorian era with a chance to learn to read. Many of our best universities were founded first as seminaries, including Harvard and Princeton. I think it is really easy to get hung up on what some people did and miss all the good. I think it is really easy to blame God for arrogant people. Let me explain that God is just as offended, more offended in fact, by those sorts of sins. When you call yourself a Christian and do things that sully God's name, that is taking the Lord's name in vain. I think there will be a particularly toasty corner of hell for people who do it.
  • Suffering. But that counts for In the Name of Mohamed and Vishnu as well.
  • Though I am attempting to look at this question from the side that would be least expected from an atheist like myself, I honestly can't bring myself to argue that Christianity has done more good than bad. The best thing I can think of is the fact that the Roman Catholic Church united Europe after the fall of Rome. Everything went to shit after that.
  • One has to factor in the good and the bad to figure this question out. Abolition, the civil rights movement, hospitals, nursing and medical care, relief organizations, Habitat for Humanity, mental health care, the hiding of jews in WWII, and most colleges, started off as seminaries. The crusades, witch hunts, dark ages, the genocide of native american peoples, to name a few. Christianity has taken more lives than it has spared. It has fostered education, by forcing native peoples to convert or die(Spanish Missions). The civil rights movement was a turn around from their long held beliefs that one should "treat their slaves fairly." Seems that the good is greatly outweighed by the bad.
  • Only GOOD...Jesus was the perfect example of selfless, unconditional love. :D
  • yep, and we all know this is our CROSS as an individual, we will suffer more for HIS NAME.."pick up thy cross and follow ME." we don't think it , we know it...GOD is GOOD....Jeremiah 6:16 "ask for the old paths, where is the GOOD WAY, and WALK therein."
  • Being the entire idea of Jesus is based on suffering.... need I say more? I will..what the hell.. YES, more suffering has been brought on the earth through "jesus" than any single word.
  • Religion in general, Christinsanity included has brought little more than suffering world wide. The occasional good deed is then hyped up for the big lie of how wonderful it all is. Extremist of all "faiths" tell the very same lie as moderates do.. It's our way of the hiway to hell.. Now how could that possibly be on the side of good?
  • Good. Good acts go on billions of times a day while a much smaller number of acts that create suffering get blown out of proportion.
  • More good by a country mile!
  • christianity is based off of fear wars are usually based off of relgion WHY? ALL OF THEM ARE WRONG why would there be so many religions if they were ALL true? and jesus' whole story was basically a lie don't get me wrong the dude was real but he was a jew and his mom was not a virgin she was probably a whore but insane relgious crazed people blame everything good that happens on jesus and that's total bullshitttttt
  • Anyone familiar with my input on AB will be expecting me to automatically outline the obvious fact that millions have suffered in Jesus' name due to the divisive and viciously partisan nature of religion. I'm not about to not do that; I can't - facts are facts. However, since human nature is fundamentally selfish and vicious (which is how we got to be the apex predator; it's not as if we're the physically strongest of creatures), any ostensibly 'good' guiding force that has an influence over large numbers of people may be observed to have helped many overcome their selfish natures despite their instincts. Sadly the motive that you'll go to Hell otherwise is not a great motive but it may have functioned as a means to a positive end in enough cases as to balance out all the bloodshed. Maybe! Nobody has statistics on acts of kindness inspired by Jesus' perceived examples 'vs' acts of violence committed in his name. . Paradoxically however, if radical Christians are to be believed, those who do not actually believe in Jesus (as the son of God), are going to Hell (no matter how much good they have independently decided to do), and that means millions go to a terrible place of suffering after they have lived their lives on Earth. The question says 'wrought on Earth' so this paradox can be revisited through another AB question I guess.
  • Deffinately more suffering, pain, violence, and hate
  • tough call
  • Suffering
  • Homeless shelters Hospitals Rehabs Daycares Food banks Elderly care takers Halfway houses English classes for immigrants I live in a small town and we have all of these things done in Jesus name. People seem to forget about this stuff. If my town has these Christian Charities then I know the rest of the world dose. Then tell me how much good has to happen on an hourly basis world wide because of the name of Jesus? I keep hearing about the Inquisition and the crusades. Let's straighten those out for a second. Those things were done by one sect of Christianity hundreds of years ago. That sect was the Catholic church. Do not blame all of us for what that group of people did. My answer is, there has been more good done in the name of Jesus.
  • Considering that "Jesus" has allowed so much suffering in HIS name to pass unnoticed......

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