• If you are saying you recently added a fish, the problem could be that your new fish has taken over the old fishy's territory. When adding a new fish to your tank you should always rearrange the decorations, so that all your fish have to find new places to dominate. That way none of them get hurt or attack another over space.To help alleviate this problem now, you can move your items in the tank and all should be fine. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • It is recommended that you remove the fish that is being badgered to another tank. Sources cited. Goldfish tips. Wikipedia.
  • I dont know much about fish, but i do know from my own that there is a pecking order. i had two fish in a tank and i was really worried as one was getting fat and the other not getting to the food. i added additional orniments and whilst this gave the smaller fish a good hiding place it didnt really sort anything out. on adding a third fish and orniment into a larger tank they all have their own orniment and get on fairly well. make sure each of your fish have enough space which they can claim as their own. hope my babbling has helped at all
  • Anytime you introduce new fish into your tank, you are asking for trouble! Here are some articles I wrote about avoiding and dealing with fish aggression: Advice On Dealing With An Aggressive Fish Advice On Introducing New Fish To Your Tank Advice On Avoiding Aggression In The Aquarium I hope they are helpful to you! :) Suzanne

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