• I did not know this existed. i have learned something from answerbag and its followers. Hold on a minute....i am checking my feet to see if they are the same size. guess what? my left foot is longer than my right. i have definetely learned something today. Being a man, i cannot help you in the breast department. sorry.
  • The question assumes facts that are not proven. More evidence is needed.
  • Me and my sorority sisters checked our breasts to see which was bigger. Over 90% (approx. 100) of us has bigger left breasts, so I don't know if your statistic is correct.
  • Might have something to do with a common biological process. Biological symmetry is an illusion, and relative. No one is perfectly symmetrical. I'm curious as to where this supposed statistic is derived from, though (larger right hands/breasts).
  • My hands started out pretty close in size. Now, after adding a significant amount of manual labor to my job portfolio in this awful economy, my right hand is significantly larger than my left (I am right handed). My left breast has always been my better side, and of my twins who nursed for nourishment for several years, the left feeding twin is slightly taller than her identical sister.

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