• No, you're not bad at all. Maybe you could've flagged the answers, or reported them through feedback. It doesn't make you bad if you downrate them. The whole point of the negative rating is to show something as not helpful, and, of course, something offensive is not helpful.
  • Perhaps the better thing to do is to report this person for their abusive, or crude behavior. If that doesn't work troll the piss out of them.
  •'re not a bad ABer at all. Sometimes I feel like doing the same thing and it takes restraint on my part not to. I just flag them. Some people simply feel the need to be jerks over the internet because they don't have the guts to when they're face to face. They are probably impotent and inadequate. At least you admit it and don't hide behind anonymity. ;-)
  • That is why there is a -pts button..If his answers were offensive to you, now you've made it public as to why you did it, so I don't think of you as trolling at all..and you are definitly not a bad ABer : )
  • No, it just doesn't make you a very smart person Downrating only hurts your points percentage, not the other person.
  • i think its just fine. we are at liberty to do as we please when it comes to downrating.. now flagging is something else. but downrating is no biggie.
  • If you're actually seeking his questions and answers out just to troll, then, yeah, that's not right. If you just happen onto a question or answer of his and DR it because you think it should be DR'ed, then, that's different. And, saying in a question that you are being troll-like doesn't give you impunity and doesn't make you innocent.
  • You should report him, don't troll mate, you are better than that :-(
  • I'm pretty sure I know who you are referring to Nelson, and I can't say that I blame you even one little bit. I just don't know that I would risk lowering my own percentage rating over some pathetic Cretin like that ;-) I think he's doing it for shock value and attention. Maybe if ignored, he will eventually go away.
  • Fire away amigo!
  • Assuming that you're only DRing their offensive content and not just trolling everything they post categorically, it's nothing particularly damnable, but it doesn't exactly accomplish much either. So this person's offensive content is rated low, whoopti doo! It's still up on the site, in fact it's convieniently located right at the bottom of the list. So why waste your time and effort if that's all it does? If you really want to get anything done, just go for the jugular and report them.
  • Ah, a little vigilante is here. Are you like Bronson in Death Wish or Eastwood in Dirty Harry?
  • it's ok i did that to some punk the other day i saw on AB too. but i looked at his stupid stuff before i DR'd it. so it was offensive regardless and i would've DR'd the same crap if any other user posted it. just make sure you DR for the right reasons which is they posted something that clearly wasn't helpful. not because you disagree, if that makes any sense. good luck and go get em
  • A troll is someone who down rates with no just cause. You are not being a troll. You are simply discrediting someone where discredit is due.
  • stop them. It makes you a good AB'er..This site is built on adult relations between the players..not on verbal abuse or meanness.

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