• Are you crazy? There are lots. :) Heart, Flyleaf, L7, The Bangles, Dixie Chicks, The Go-Gos, Sleater-Kinny among others.
  • Why are there not any good bands now period? It's so hard to get to the point of making a dent in the industry. I can see why it would be difficult for a group of females to do it let alone a group of guys. It is well know in the industry that women are more difficult than men to deal with, hence the term Diva. So why would anybody invest time and money into a group of them. That's just the cold hard facts. It's difficult enough to deal with some early 20 something little children who think they are men. 5 of the same age girls would be impossible, 5 Mariah Carrey's, no thanks. Look at the semi-talented Runaway's. Don't like my answer, then you tell me people....... I am telling the truth as the music business sees it, not my opinion. The ones that were any good are not all women. Plus what are some new ones? I don't see much in the way of hits.
  • What about the Runnaways?
    • Nosmo King
  • Well, Heart is a pretty high profile girl rock band, and many agree that they are good, too. And then there's Vagiant, while not as famous as Heart, is still really kick ass.
    • Nosmo King
      I think the poster of this question was referring to all-girl rock bands. At least, that was how I interpreted it.
  • What about mixed bands? Bands with both guys and girl/s.... Amy Lee from Evanescence is an example. Also No Doubt, Garbage, Killing Heidi, and The Superjesus... just to name some off the top of my head. I'm sure there are others. But yeah, I really do have to agree with you. It's true that there are are very few good bands out there that are either A) all female or B) have at least one or more female band members. Not many women in rock in general. Which sucks, cos I'm a girl and dig hard rock and metal m/
  • hm.. dunno.. there are some really good rock bands with female singers though. Arch Enemy is one of my favorites, but I know there are others out there
  • The popular music industry is dominated by older businessmen and they control who is and who isn't promoted by their companies. My guess is that they want to keep a certain image of rock bands because that is what works and that image is of 4-6 white male musicians. Women are used as accessories in this industry, as they are in the car/motorcycle magazines where they are more likely to be seen draped over the vehicle than writing an article inside it.
  • Because there aren't that many all-girl bands about... there are plenty of girls in bands though... there are also lots in non-mainstream areas... you just need to look.
  • I was just watching Yahoo vids of Joss Stone and Arvil Lavigne, their bands were all males except for backup singers. I wonder why???????????
  • I agree. There are lots of good girl bands out there. I just came across one on myspace called Scientific Lifestyles that was really good. They are not well know but sound really good. Check them out if you get time and let me know of any others you come across. I am sure that Scientific Lifestyles is only one of many Female fronted bands that sound amazing but have not been recognized by mainstream radio stations.
  • Check out Shonen Knife. They were quite big in Japan at one time.
  • there is one ...The Cranberries ....they rock
  • do you mean an all girl band...or a girl as the lead singer
  • The Go-Gos were famous for a minute. -
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      Their vocalist was Belinda Carlisle, who went on to have a successful solo career.
  • There are plenty of good, moderately famous rock bands with girls featured prominently in them. Garbage, My Bloody Valentine, The Cranberries, The Gits... I could go on like this for a while. And if you're talking about all-female rock bands, then you do have a good point. Personally, I think the lack of famous all-girl bands probably stems from the fact that ever since its conception into mainstream American music with The Runaways, the concept of an all-girl band has been seen by most major record labels as little more than a gimmick. The fact of the matter is that more often than not, the best mix of musicians for a band will include members of both sexes, and trying to force a group to be %100 female (or %100 male, for that matter) will reduce your chances of bringing together a really great combination of musicians. And considering that there are probably fewer women interested in joining a band than there are men, that effect is compunded when you try to assemble an all-female band. Also, you leave out a big factor here: Good, famous female solo artists, which there are and have been a fair amount of in popular (if not strictly "Rock") music.
    • Nosmo King
      I think the Runaways were ahead of their time. They did not achieve commercial success during their active years (1976-1979). Joan Jett went on to have a major hit in 1982 with "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" and the success of that started people checking out the Runaways' back catalogue. I think if the Runaways hadn't split in 1979, they would have made it big in the early 1980s.
  • Maybe it is kind of a chicken/egg debate. That is, girls, having not had many rocking female role models, never became interested in themselves becoming rockers in the first place. That said, I've found that, generally speaking (and not necessarily YOU), women aren't into music as much as guys. Women are far more likely to be into a band/genre simply because their boyfriend is into it. Go to a concert and look around as to which gender makes up the bulk of the audience.
  • There were plenty of good girl rock bands in the 1970s and 80s. The Runaways were one of the best girl rock bands ever, but sadly they were not commercially successful, although Joan Jett was a member and she later had a big hit with "I Love Rock 'n' Roll".

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