• The current generation of young people walk a fine line of keeping with tradition (such as attending church, celebrating the holidays, etc),and wanting to live their own life. Experimenting with alternative religions gives them an opportunity to do both -- it's the best of both worlds, so to speak.
  • young people question things to much, cant they just learn to accept how things are?
  • Because the real fringe religions now in many parts of the developed world are what used to be the established faiths, such as Christianity. People want a spiritual practice that seems more relevant to their lives and more practical.
  • I think it's the first step in the global exodus toward atheism (not to sound like a megalomaniac)
  • I think it has to do with young people being more open minded than some of the more recognised religions. This causes them to question their faith, as well as the reasoning behind what is being preached. I assume that in seeking out a religion, (or lack there of) to suit them, they find Wicca to be a good fit.
  • It's not becoming increasingly popular. It's no more popular than it's ever been. Only now, they have access to more information, and they won't be hanged, stoned or set on fire for choosing not to believe in Christianity. I think it's wonderful. People need exposure to more than just the bible thumpers.
  • Tired of being lied to. They want to figure things out for themselves instead of being spoon fed everything. The global culture has so many different religions and ideals to balance that people have more exposure to things other than the 'norm'. Opening minds is always good.
  • It brings attention their way playing on their Ego. It's also a "Hands On" Quasi "Do-Do" thing for "Acting Out". John
  • I think that there are two core reasons. First, rebellion against what their parents impress on them. Second, a concern of a growing theist control of governments which they see as dividing people. So either "I hate what you do" or "I am concerned about the direction the world is going".
  • I think the main thing is to be different. And probably because it's more accepted than it was several years ago, so they feel free to chose something that might interest them. I hate to say it, but I think a lot of young people get into Wicca having no idea what it is, just thinking they want to be a witch.
  • Ok, I have a few comments on this question. First, you ask about Wicca as an "alternative religion" as if there is a default religion. That is highly suspect. Second, people turn to Wicca because it makes sense for them. Third, we need to separate what makes a person leave one religion from what makes them begin to practice another. It is not one moment of switching. Why do people in the West leave larger, older religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? Well, much of it doesn't make sense. Much of it is provably false, as they learn in school. Much of it requires them to accept illogical and bigoted commandments and acts by a deity claimed to be all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful. Christianity, in particular, has an image problem as homophobic and anti-woman, among other things. (See recent Time magazine article "Does Christianity Have an Image Problem?") This is mostly due to the politicized right-wing evangelical movement and its message. By the time my sister is my age, 2 out of every 5 of her peers will be non-Christians...maybe more. Yet, many still crave for some deeper meaning, understanding, and path. Some of those choose Wicca as their path.
  • because the religion of christianity is constantly being pushed upon them they want to find something new more interesting that they can relate to and actually understand and WANT to be rather then a religion that people have forced them to be. they want to explore and find what is right for them in their life. let people choose their own religion, after all you chose yours didn't you?
  • becuase from what i've learnt - christianity forces and says "do this! or you will go to hell! God is watching you!" wicca however, gives people the oppertuity - wicca doesn't say "become a wiccan or i'll curse you and you'll be damned forever!!!" I personally beleive people shouldn't have religion. they should be happy enough within themselves to trust and believe in themselves,rather than something they cannot see. have faith in themsleves - something they KNOW exists - rathen than putting thier faith in something of which there is no absolute proof.
  • What you are asking may be true (I'd like to see the stats), but according to the news reports I have been seeing, the percentage of US membership in the mainstream religions is still running about 60% members vs 40% non-members. The numbers have increased in the same percentage as the population has increased.
  • A lot me people are having a spirtural and Open mind about anything and everything.
  • Probably to piss their parents off. Or they think Harry Potter is cool. In some ways many Earth based religions are becoming "trends."
  • I think it has less to do with religion and more to do with the younger generation(s). The Baby Boomers were the last generation that is truly comfortable with authority figures. After that, people started asking too many questions. No longer are things the way they have always been. This is visible in all the social sciences, not just religion.
  • Humans get smarter and stray away from popular beliefs.
  • As it is, it always has been. Even in ancient Egyptian texts you can read about the way young people are turning to offshoot religions.
  • Hold it--there's nothing new under the sun. History was written by the hegemony, so we might not readily see it, but cults & splinter groups & alternate religions or variations of the main religion, constantly changing, have been around since the beginning of time. Paul's letters alone (to choose just one observer from one religion at one point in time) prove how quickly people are swayed back and forth by popular religions and charismatic leaders/practices. People's beliefs were all over the place! And younger people were often the first to wander off & explore. The Old Testament also describes all manner of religions existing all around the Jewish peoples. I'm certain other parts of the world could provide similar examples.
  • People are getting smarter. We're fed up with traditional bullshit that doesn't make the world a bette place.
  • All it is doing is fulfilling scripture,just read Timothy.All this will occure in the last days.AMEN!!!
  • I think young people nowadays are looking for answers and acceptance. From my own experience with being a young person in an organized religion, I had questions about things that no one wanted to answer. Plus, just existing didn't fit in. They made me feel so ungodly as a 13 year old that I attempted to remove myself from this plain just to save them the bother. I was saved through supernatural means which set me on a course for the peace I am finding now as an adult. My views have always been outside of the box and religions beat me down for them. I couldn't choose anything but what churches wanted for me. So I sought my answers and many of the answers led me to what we consider "New Age Spirituality." While some are still organized religions, they seem to be more open to excepting people for who they are and encourage them in searching for answers. It's more fluid and there's always more to learn. In church, they told us not to look for answers except in one a book and in their teachings(which varied from church to church) and hated so many people, things, ideas that I wondered where the loves was. Anything that happened to me that was supernatural I was told to shut up, it was a miracle just like "insert bible character", don't think into it, must mean you should do more for the church, or it was witchcraft and satanic. I saw signs and wonders only to be told these same old things again and again. People are wanting to know "why." Even if alternative religions don't know the answer, they encourage you to go find one of the possibilities. There's never just one possibility and that makes things more flexible for all. We aren't all the same in mind, body, color, life, etc so why would our religions, beliefs, life answers, etc be the same? The world itself shows that there are many variances, why stick to a few people's narrow-pointed views.
  • Because they want to rebel
  • So called "alternative" religions tend to be less dogmatic than the "old-guard" mainstream religions and allow more wiggle room, which teens buy into because they are at a stage where rebellion and "wiggle room" is tantamount.
  • It allows them to revel in pleasure and feel the empowerment of disappointing mommy and daddy.
  • i think they want to be different and that traditional religions arent "cool". OR MAYBE some of the rules in tradtional religions dont allow them to do what they want, so they go to an alternative than lets them do what they can't do in traditional relogions. i.e. being homosexual.

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