• Buy a small Etch-A-Sketch and put it in. Works like a breeze in my camera.
  • Unfortunately, most micro-miniaturized electronics aren't made to be repaired. I had a Sony digital camera that broke for some strange mysterious reason after I used it to make a MPG movie whilst riding on the Sooper Dooper Looper. I really liked that camera, and it was a really expensive one, so I had the circuit board replaced, which cost me almost as much as the camera was new. So no more roller coaster rides for delicate electronics... If yours is still in warranty, maybe you can go back to the store where you bought it, and they'll have your sales contract on file. Otherwise, since it's probably going to cost you almost as much to fix it as buy a new one, you're probably best off living with it until the camera is obsolete in a few years and it's time to buy a new one anyway. Since it's only the LCD, it doesn't affect the quality of the pics.
  • i dont know if this will help you or it maight help future fixers, but here is neat website they have pictures and guide how to replace LCD for your M753. hope it will help people out there. I hope you can fix your camera.
  • Recently my Kodak c433 blew out the lcd micro display. The camera continues to function but is completely useless. I can't access the menu or aim it well to take photos. These cameras cost around $80 US. I contacted Kodak and they told me the part costs $30 + 15 for shipping. They couldn't make a profit if that was true. They purposely make the cameras to fall apart and be non-repairable. Bottom line most micro display screens are going to cost you over 50% the camera cost so you are stuck buying a new camera like I did.
  • you could try goggling it, it might give you directions on the web
  • First thing i do if i like a particular item. Look on Ebay to see if there is one like it. In your case there is a Kodak M753 for $22.50 free shipping (2/14/18) good luck.

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