• Yes! If your going to have control of the most powerful fighting force the world has ever known and the power to end life on earth as we know it with the turn of a key you had best understand it. Would you want a mechanic to do heart surgery on you. I mean he's really good at figuring out what makes things work. I'm sure he'd get the just of it.
  • I do not believe military experience is necessary. One of our greatest Presidents Ronald Reagan was not in the Military and did an excellent Job as Commander in Chief. We also had Bill CXlinton who never served a day in the military yet the Dems think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Would it be nice to have a man with military experience running the most powerful military in the world shure it would is it necessary he have military experience to do an effective job I highly doubt it.
  • no but it helps. EX. who do you think would have done a better job with this war George Patton or George Bush.
  • I suggested that very thing and I think it would be essential to understand what your military advisor's are telling you.
  • I think it should be one of the requirements myself... if he is gonna control what our Military does he should know what it is like to be in the Military!
  • when the country is involved in a shooting war on two fronts? absolutely
  • Yes to have a direct sense of the cost of war in lives and international relations would have them less inclined to show "strength" through force.

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