• We have lowered our thermostat to 64 during the day and 58 at night, and have had all our windows sealed. Also, we are making a greater effort to turn off lights.
  • We are keeping our thermostat turned down lower (at about 68).
  • We don't run the dishwasher or washing machine as frequentlty or for small loads. Hang/drip dry clothes rather than use the dryer all the time. Keep the fridge temp moderate versus super cold. Use a toaster oven for small things rather than the double oven. Etc. It's a challenge with a house full of gadgets, but the dent it makes in our eletric/gas bill is significant.
  • I have virtually given up using my car at all.. I recycle everything..I even have a worm composter on my deck...I only do full loads of laundry/dishes...I use the new energy saving bulbs..I turn things off when not in use..I put in a thermostat that automatically lowers the temperature at night..I have large trees in every room indoors to help clean the air..I have as much greenery as my deck will support (it's 11 ft x 11 ft)to try to do my bit to clean up the outdoor air...and that's just the start...I do what I can.
  • I'm replacing my incandescent light bulbs with CFL's. I made a lot of the recommended changes several years ago.
  • I nap every chance I get. I seem to be very tired lately.

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